Are You Achieving Your Potential?

Written by Martin Avis

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But without 100% effort no potential can be achieved - and that is a real waste.

Our programming to think in terms of A-1 extends way beyondrepparttar classroom. That is whererepparttar 123921 seed is sown, butrepparttar 123922 real effect is felt in business.

If I see a salesperson under-delivering,repparttar 123923 first thing I want to examine isrepparttar 123924 effort being put in. If there is a problem with effort,repparttar 123925 salesperson probably has no future. It is impossible to turn round someone who just wants an easy way out.

But, if I see 100% effort, but a lack of success,repparttar 123926 salesperson is worth my effort in helping along. Maybe a bit of training will help, or a few pointers from a more successful colleague. I know that 100% effort, focused inrepparttar 123927 right direction, will always bring results - and that salesperson will fulfill their own potential. Whether that is an 'A' or a 'C'.

And who can ask more than that?

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The Power of Appreciation

Written by Lisa van den Berg

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-Tell them how much what they did for you, means -Let them know how much you value having their shoulder to cry on -Show how much their love means to you -Say ‘Thanks’ like you really mean it.

A friend of mine hasrepparttar wonderful habit of telling you when that dress really suits you. You can see that she is sincere just byrepparttar 123920 way she says it and it brightens up your whole day. She says it without waiting for a compliment in return. She says it without envy or jealousy and she also says it completely spontaneously.

I’ve included an excerpt of a list written by Steve Stephens of things you can say, every day…

"Good Job!" "You’re wonderful." "You look gorgeous today." "I appreciate allrepparttar 123921 things you have done for me." "You arerepparttar 123922 best friend I have." "I missed you today." "I can always count on you." "You make me feel good." "I am so proud to be married to you." "I’m sorry." "I was wrong." "What would you like?" "What’s on your mind?" "Thank you for loving me." "Thank you for accepting me."

I guarantee that saying something heartfelt and genuine to someone who’s done something for you, or someone who means a lot to you, will not only brighten their day, but yours too.

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