Are You A Virtual Consultant?

Written by Michael DeVries

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From a search forrepparttar term "Consultant" at (I know I'm such an Internet "junkie"! ;))

--------------------- 田on不ul付ant ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kn-sltnt) n. One who gives expert or professional advice. One who consults another. ... --------------------- And ... --------------------- vir付u病l ( P ) Pronunciation Key (v

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How to Use A Blog for Free Traffic

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

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This is a great way to get your pages spidered fast. But it's important to haverepparttar pge you are linking to be somewhat related torepparttar 142245 topic of your post. Google is getting more picky aboutrepparttar 142246 content ofrepparttar 142247 pages where your incoming links are coming from.

Also, it is important to optimize your blog just as you would for a website if you want to get theat free targeted traffic. Optimizing is easy, include your keywords withinrepparttar 142248 title and description of your blog, as well as inrepparttar 142249 title posts occasionally. And don't forget to includerepparttar 142250 same keywords withinrepparttar 142251 link text of your incoming links to your blog.

Most bloggers don't seerepparttar 142252 traffic potential their blog holds if it was oiptimized just like any other webpage.

One more factor to consider: Google loves blogs Not simply because it's a blog, but because ofrepparttar 142253 nature of blogs; They usually have fresh relevant content on a specific topic. That's what Google loves. Give it what it wants and it will visit you more often.

Leah J. Bradshaw is the author of the Free Targeted Traffic Report; "Jumpstart Your Traffic in as Little as 10 Days". She also authors a Moms Free Traffic Blog to help work at home moms get free traffic.

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