Are You A Spam Zombie?

Written by Niall Roche

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How do these Trojans get onto your computer? As in most cases they come from porn, warez or similar sites. One ofrepparttar first spam zombie trojans to appear became available via a link on sites promising viewers free access to a porno webcam. One click later andrepparttar 146574 Trojan is installed on your computer ready to send out spam. Phatbot and Proxy-Guzu are two ofrepparttar 146575 more common Trojans used forrepparttar 146576 purpose of turning your computer into a spam zombie.

How can you check if your computer has become a spam zombie? Make absolutely certain that both your anti-virus and firewall software have current detection signatures and have been completely patched and updated. Working online without taking these necessary security precautions is simply asking for trouble.

Internet Service Providers are under huge pressure to quarantinerepparttar 146577 IP address of any computer which has been turned into a spam zombie. This is done onrepparttar 146578 basis thatrepparttar 146579 ISP risks their entire IP range being blacklisted or banned by some spam filtering services or companies.

The very least you owe yourself is to run a full virus and spyware scan on your computer today. You might be unpleasantly surprised at what you'll find lurking there.

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5 ways to stop spam from reaching your mail box

Written by Joel Teo

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Another reason for spam can be attributed to malicious code which can possibly install itself into your browser without you knowing it and doesrepparttar same thing asrepparttar 145126 cookies inrepparttar 145127 above example but on a longer term basis asrepparttar 145128 cookies would be deleted when you clear your cookies and cache in your browser. Some of this malicious code can even do keyword logging and send your passwords and bank IDs torepparttar 145129 programmer who came up withrepparttar 145130 code!

The best solution torepparttar 145131 problem is to downloadrepparttar 145132 Mozilla Firefox Internet browser which has a built in security system which prevents such malicious code from being installed into your web browser without your knowledge and allows you to clear your cache and cookies easily. I do this on a constant basis to prevent my email inbox from being filled with spam.

3.Spyware via free programs installed

Another reason why there is an increase in spam is that there are third party spyware that is bundled with free software which is whyrepparttar 145133 software is free inrepparttar 145134 first place becauserepparttar 145135 spyware companies payrepparttar 145136 programmer to bundle it with their software. Always look atrepparttar 145137 agreement before downloading any free wallpapers or free programs like weather programs as there could be a possibility that spyware could be bundled together with it and flood your email box with spam.

The best solution is to download Spyware Search and Destroy or Lavasoft’s Adaware anti-spyware programs to detect and clear any spyware from your computer. In addition, you might find that your computer might run faster when you are connected torepparttar 145138 internet asrepparttar 145139 spyware does take up some bandwidth in its communication torepparttar 145140 central server.

4.Random emails

Some ofrepparttar 145141 more powerful email programs haverepparttar 145142 ability to flood servers with permutations of email addresses. This means that they can basically email anyone online because they have powerful computers which run software which blasts emails to all permutations and one of them may be yours.

The more legitimate marketers will have an opt out link at repparttar 145143 bottom ofrepparttar 145144 email so that you can actually opt out of repparttar 145145 list. Onrepparttar 145146 other hand, some ofrepparttar 145147 real offshore spammers have servers in China and Russia so when you do click onrepparttar 145148 link to opt out, it actually confirms that your email address is working so ironically sometimes it is best to just delete spam rather than reply to it.

5.Free offers

Spam is also derived from free offers. When you signup for some online service, there is thing called co-registration where they have many boxes for you to tick. Generally what this means is you are askingrepparttar 145149 online service to send your email address and name to an online marketer who is going to sell it to others to email to. While this is not spam as you have opted into it, it may become irritating after a while.

The better solution that I do personally is to create an email from Yahoo forrepparttar 145150 sole purpose of free offers so that I can let that email be flooded with spam. So you can get repparttar 145151 free offer and not facerepparttar 145152 possibility of deleting 500 spam emails daily in your personal email inbox.

In conclusion, spam can be reduced if you are aware ofrepparttar 145153 reasons andrepparttar 145154 ways in which online marketers and spammers can get your email. Taking an active step today to prevent them from getting your personal email is a great step forward to reducingrepparttar 145155 amount of spam you have in your inbox.

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