Are You A Copy Cat?

Written by Jerry Robertson

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6. Show people what your product or service will do for them. You need to be specific. Saving 10 hours and $500 is better than just saying you are saving time and money. Also, make sure your claims are credible. There are so many bogus claims about making a huge income in a short period of time.

7. Try a different approach and be creative. People are naturally curious. Don't be afraid to think outside ofrepparttar box.

8. Fear of loss often outweighsrepparttar 101109 desire for gain. Good ad copy will use both arguements to get you to purchase their product.

9. Use short simple words and sentences. Here is a great site to find powerful ad words, go here:

10. Finally, you need to constantly be testing to improve your ads. Don't ever be satisfied with your ad. Sometimes small changes will make a big difference in your sales.

With experience,learning how to write effective ad copy will make you a big winner. Following these tips will help you to get your ad noticed instead of being deleted. Read all you can about writing ads and soon, it will come natural to you.

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The Great Web Advertising Debate

Written by Michael Bloch

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There's too much clutter onrepparttar 'Net and it's hard to find anything - I agree totally. I believe we will seerepparttar 101108 'Net cleaning up inrepparttar 101109 years to come - not through government intervention, but through market forces. Inrepparttar 101110 meantime, think about this - when you first drove a car, did you know how to drive it? No, you had to learn. The Internet isrepparttar 101111 same deal, learn how to use it properly and it will serve you well. Like in driving,repparttar 101112 Internet is full of obstacles. As we learn to drive, we acquirerepparttar 101113 knowledge of avoiding those obstacles to assist us in arriving at our destination safely.

Our inboxes are full of spam - Go check your letter box, or turn onrepparttar 101114 T.V. Muchrepparttar 101115 same there. We have free-to-air T.V. because of advertising. Public T.V. is usually paid for fromrepparttar 101116 pockets of taxpayers. Spam mail can be minimised, learn to drive "the car" and you'll find out how. There are some articles on our site regarding spam reporting.

While I condone web advertising, I do believe we need to become more responsible in how we advertise. Scumvertising is out - responsible representation is in. Consumers are not stupid, and while they may be bitten once or twice, they learn.. and they remember!

I have heard many misquote aboutrepparttar 101117 original intentions ofrepparttar 101118 Internet. The fact is that it was a cold war initiative - a computer network designed to survive a nuclear attack. The World Wide Web which sits on top ofrepparttar 101119 Internet was not designed to be a free show. Inrepparttar 101120 words of Tim Berners-Lee,repparttar 101121 inventor ofrepparttar 101122 World Wide Web, from his book entitled "Weavingrepparttar 101123 Web":

"Buying books from and stocks from E-trade is not all there is torepparttar 101124 Web. Neither isrepparttar 101125 Web some idealised space where we must remove our shoes, eat only fallen fruit, and eschew commercialism."

The intention ofrepparttar 101126 Web was never (as some have romanticised and I originally thought myself) to be a free ride. The fact that I can obtainrepparttar 101127 information I need and communicate with others 24/7, partially subsidised by me viewing annoying ads, is a small price to pay forrepparttar 101128 world it has opened up.

And remember, governments don't run countries - big business does.

So, in answer to "What happened torepparttar 101129 World Wide Web?"....

We happened... - We are all consumers ofrepparttar 101130 products of this money driven world..... - It is up to us to changerepparttar 101131 face ofrepparttar 101132 Internet.............. - But first we'll need to changerepparttar 101133 world.

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