Are You A Bill Clinton Webmaster?

Written by David Leonhardt

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You don't exchange links, because that would be stuffing Google's ballot box and that is NOT something Google wants. Keep not doing that.

Your link does not appear on many useless "links" pages, where it has to share PageRank with dozens of other web sites. Keep not doing that.

You accept links only from relevant web pages, because you know that'srepparttar only meaningful traffic ... and that's what Google wants. Keep doing that.

Your links look different on different web pages aroundrepparttar 131766 Internet, because that's how a democratic process would create your links. Keep doing that.

You keep adding relevant content to your web site, because that's what you know Google and your visitors want. Keep doing that.

See? No change. And if there is a change, it simply means that you were not following Google's guidelines inrepparttar 131767 past. Oh sure, technically you might have been following Google's guidelines, but technically Bill Clinton didn't have sex with Monika Lewinski. Another round of fig leaves, anyone?

Google implemented "stemming" along withrepparttar 131768 Florida update, or more likely a few weeks earlier. Since your inbound links are varied and often unique, you probably already are taking advantage of stemming, so it won't bother you. And since you write meaningful copy for your visitors, you probably already have allrepparttar 131769 stemming you need right in your copy. You are ready to really excel in Post-Florida Google.

Google is also implementing a "communities" factor. Since your inbound links all come from relevant web pages, you are already part ofrepparttar 131770 community. You are already well placed to succeed in Post-Florida Google, right?

Google has implemented "penalties" for some typically overoptimized terms. Actually, I think penalties is probablyrepparttar 131771 wrong word, but that is what most SEOs are using. Since you write quality content, meaningful headers, and don't cut and pasterepparttar 131772 same phrase over and over in every possible place, you are ready to conquer Mount Google.

In other words, if you were following Google's guidelines, notrepparttar 131773 Bill Clinton fig leaf guidelines, just keep doing what you are doing. Forrepparttar 131774 rest of you, isn't it time you droppedrepparttar 131775 fig leaf and wrapped yourself up in something a little more substantial that will weatherrepparttar 131776 high winds of Google's next big storm?

And, "No." I did not amend Don't Get Banned By The Search Engines to include post-Florida Google because I never advised people to followrepparttar 131777 Bill Clinton fig leaf guidelines inrepparttar 131778 original edition.

David Leonhardt is a freelance writer, and an online and offline publicity specialist. Contact him at: or visit his website at . For a copy of Don't Get Banned By The Search Engines: . For a copy of Get In The News: .

The Reality of Successful Web Site Today

Written by Alan Wasser

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You can carry out as many online surveys as you want. Place at your siterepparttar link like this: "Take part in our online survey!" Explain them, that their opinion is highly appreciated and is indeedrepparttar 131765 first driving force of your work. They can't help taking advantage of expressing their thoughts. You, in your turn, will learn them inside out, learn more about their preferences, their critics and thereby use their feedback to optimize your approach to cooperating with them.

You need no special programming skills to install web forms creation program. Most web form software is normally realized on PHP/MySQL technology and can be easily added into any web site. You have multi-functional tool: web forms are meant for marketers, HR managers, customer support; in general, to those, who are looking to perform surveys and analyzerepparttar 131766 results quickly and efficiently. With all its advantages and benefits, web forms building software allows budget-minded site owners to create eye-catching and graphically oriented surveys and gatherrepparttar 131767 precious information for your business strategy optimizing without having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars. Web forms arerepparttar 131768 tools that reducerepparttar 131769 budget without sacrificingrepparttar 131770 level of professionalism involved. You maximize returns and obtain reliable data for providing better service to your customers. Sometimes when you want to make greater profit, you don't need to earn more money; you might just need to spend it reasonably andrepparttar 131771 results will exceed your expectations. - Web Mail Forms in Few Clicks

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