Are YOU a Leader in Procrastination?

Written by Jo Ball

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And you can join them. You too can move beyondrepparttar ‘have to’ torepparttar 143212 ‘want to’. You can discover who you really are, what you really want to do. You can be a leader.

But what if you don’t act this week, this day, this hour, this minute? What if you put it off and let it go now? Well then perhapsrepparttar 143213 best moments of your life will never be. Perhaps your dreams of leadership, love, laughter and light will dissolve and then where will you be.

In twenty years you will be older, more disappointed, maybe haggard and resentful; spitting mad atrepparttar 143214 love you lost or never was; spewing that you have to work such long hours for little money and bitter atrepparttar 143215 world for denying yourepparttar 143216 wealth others have in abundance.

But who will berepparttar 143217 one to feelrepparttar 143218 hurt? Who will berepparttar 143219 one to cry onrepparttar 143220 mattress?

Not you my friend, not you.

Not you because you were a leader inrepparttar 143221 chrysalis – a leader in Procrastination.

Not you because you are not that person now. Not you because this week, this day, this hour, this minute you have changed. You have woken up to your true power. You understood that this procrastination was protecting you from stuff you have to do.

Now you have found a want with in you. A want to discover you; a want to discover your purpose; your meaning; your direction; a want to be who you really are; a want to do what you really… want!

Take that want now and do something with it now. Explore. Have fun. Open up torepparttar 143222 vast field of potentiality out there and be free ofrepparttar 143223 chains of procrastination.

You are a leader now, no longer in procrastination.

Find yourself

Jo Ball x

Coach & Founder, Unstoppable Life

At Unstoppable Life, Jo Ball (LCA, Dip) is developing the next generation of leaders who have been waiting, dormant in procrastination. These people are discovering and defining their life purpose. Join Jo’s Fr>ee newsletter now at Unstoppable Life now and go through the link on the home page to discover a mass of information other leaders in chrysalis are acting upon.

Fighting The Frizz

Written by Sharon Jacobsen

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DO NOT expose your hair torepparttar elements Sun and wind will both dry your hair causing excessive frizzing. Try to wear a scarf or hat to cover your hair whenever you're inrepparttar 143177 sun and especially if you know you're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. A scarf will also protect against wind damage. You might also consider buying hair products that protect against UV rays (they have a SPF - Sun Protection Factor).

DO have your hair cut regularly Those with frizzy hair will probably be happier with a short style but whatever you choose, it's important you visit your hairdresser regularly as split ends will only add torepparttar 143178 problem.

DO try to keep your hair dry Damp air leads to frizz. Unfortunately, we can't always ensure that our hair will stay dry but if you think it might rain, carry an umbrella. There are some really funky looking brollies around these days so they won't cramp your style.

DO NOT use heated styling tools Hair dryers, straightening irons and curling tongs all damagerepparttar 143179 hair and should be avoided as much as possible. If you MUST use them, always use a protective product on your hair beforehand. If you're uncertain ofrepparttar 143180 kind of product you'd need, ask your hairdresser for advice.

DO use anti-frizz products Products such as frizz-ease aren't just another way of getting you to part with your money. Although they'll never completely eliminaterepparttar 143181 problem, they really do help decrease it. However, it's important that you stick withrepparttar 143182 other tips, too. Using anti-frizz products alone simply isn't enough.

Although I can't promise your frizz problems will disappear, these tips should at least help you eliminaterepparttar 143183 worst ofrepparttar 143184 problem.

Just remember that whatever nature's given you, it's a lot better than if you'd not been given anything at all.

Have a happy hair day!

Sharon Jacobsen is a freelance writer living in South Cheshire, England. Like most women, she spent a lot of time over the years messing around with her hair but has now learned to live with what she has. To contact Sharon, please visit

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