Are YOU Right For A Home-Based Business?

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

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business. You will also be able to keep that great attitude going strong. Do what you have to do, to get what you wantrepparttar most. Let "the big picture" motivate YOU to success. 5) Have Control Of Your Life And Business There is no way you are going to build a successful home-based business if your life is a mess. A business that is not run in a controlled manner is also doomed to failure. You must be in control of everything you do. That means dealing with family or personal problems in an effective way. Focus will grow your business, but lack of control will destroy your focus. Filter business advice received from others with your own good sense. Take control of your website, and your customers. Never give control of your life or business to anyone. 6) Willing To Learn Do you enjoy learning something new? Your business success will depend on your ability to be in a "constant learning" mode. The top marketers onrepparttar 117369 'net admit that they spend a good chunk of cash each year on courses, eBooks and seminars. This assures that they will be up on all ofrepparttar 117370 new, innovative techniques used to market online. If an eBook can give you one, great, original idea, your investment of $50 could turn into thousands. Be willing to take what you've learned and apply and test it in your situation. Some ideas will work well. Some won't. It's all part ofrepparttar 117371 never-ending learning and testing process. 7) You Can Make It Happen Do you know what separates successful people from those who are not? They are willing to do what others won't. These people have a "make it happen" attitude. This puts them in a position to take risks, and be reasonably sure that they will reach their goals. Entrepreneurs like this don't make excuses. They hold themselves personally accountable forrepparttar 117372 success of their business. In Closing... If you don't have all of these qualities, don't worry. You can develop these inside YOU over time, and your home-based business will haverepparttar 117373 greatest chance for success. Don't think that these points are too basic or trite. That would be a grave mistake. Those who take these ideas lightly will find that they can't succeed at any kind of small business. Those people would be more suited for working at someone else's business. Working from home is not for everyone. Is it right for you?

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Guru Interview Of The Month -- Cathy Wagner

Written by Lawrence Doro

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I overcame this when I was introduced to what has become my favorite chat room. If you have ever been to a Yahoo business chatroom, you would appreciaterepparttar beauty of Money Chatter. This is a place where friendly internet marketers go to talk shop. The value of being able to bounce ideas off of colleagues, or get help with problems is enormous. For me, it has been a great blessing.

[Lawrence] What specific types of online marketing tools are you using successfully?

[Cathy] I use all ofrepparttar 117368 methods and recommendations at ONE STOP, but right now, my favorite marketing tool is free publicity. The power of this is absolutely phenominal. I write articles or contribute to discussion groups and forums and I gain a steady stream of members from these sources. The beauty of using these types of mediums is that I can speak directly torepparttar 117369 people who are interested in and even really need my services.

[Lawrence] Have you always envisioned yourself doing what you are doing now? What did you "want to be when you grew up"?

[Cathy] As a kid, I always assumed I would be a business person or entrepeneur. Definitelyrepparttar 117370 one inrepparttar 117371 office with my own secretary. :)

As an adult I have had a wide range of jobs including movie theatre projectionist, bartender, massage therapist and I used to sell 19th century stamps and envelopes to collectors. I have always like to talk to and help people wherever I can.

[Lawrence] What is your least favorite part of running your own business? Your favorite part?

[Cathy] Site work is my least favorite aspect. I am not quite hopeless at it, but it intimidates me and I am often afraid of making mistakes. I could never have designed my site myself, I am very thankful to DMC forrepparttar 117372 great job she did with it; all I have to do is updates or create similar pages for new articles and services, but I just don't like it. I don't let that stop me though, I updaterepparttar 117373 site just about every week. :)

My favorite part is promotion. I love to blast my ad or article acrossrepparttar 117374 internet! And when people click...YES!

Of course, I also love to talk with members and other internet business people. It is my idea of fun!

[Lawrence] What important advice or tips would you give to a new online business owner?

[Cathy] Do and learn as much as you can for free! Don't let anyone tell you that you have to spend a lot of money if you are "serious."

The first thing you need to do is, figure out what you are supposed to do. :) If you begin by spending money before you have done some homework, you will lose your money and become frustrated.

Luckily, there is a wealth of free information about all aspects of having an internet business available today and you can use free advertising to perfect your ad writing skills before you buy ad space. Use allrepparttar 117375 free resources you can, and do not pay for advertising until you are confident that your ad will bring results through testing it first.

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