"Are YOU Independent?"

Written by Holly Cotter

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Why wait until New Year's to make a resolution?

I CHALLENGE YOU to spend this next year buildingrepparttar foundation for "independence" in YOUR life.


That'srepparttar 117564 easy part. By building a homebased business.

If you haven't started building your own business by now, then it's time you got started. And, if you've been dabbling in a business, it's time you got SERIOUS.

A home business isrepparttar 117565 ONLY way you will achieve complete "independence" in life.

Let's celebrate Independence Day TOGETHER in 2003!

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Do-it-Yourself News Releases for Small Business

Written by Heather Reimer

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Keeprepparttar self-promotion to a minimum but do include all your contact information -- e-mail and snail mail, URL, phone and fax numbers -- plus a brief explanation of what your company does. Emphasis on brief! In fact, keeprepparttar 117563 entire release to under a page if possible.

The exception torepparttar 117564 rule is complex subjects, like for example an economic forecast, aimed at a niche market not a general audience.


If a photo is available and helps tell your story, by all means include it. This could make your release jump out and demand attention from a busy editor who sees nothing but black and white type all day.


Try to send your release to a specific person working on a specific beat at each media outlet, at least locally. This will require some research but will ensure that a warm body actually gets your announcement.

And keep in mind,repparttar 117565 media love a "local boy/girl makes good" story so really target your hometown newspapers, magazines and TV/radio stations and work that angle!


If you're having a hard time finding any angle at all, ask a friend or a business associate to lend a fresh perspective. You may be too close to your own business to seerepparttar 117566 forest forrepparttar 117567 preprocessed paper products. An objective bystander's insights might surprise and inspire you!


Finally, proofread your finished product meticulously for errors. Then get your friend to do so as well. Two heads are better than one. Ten proofreads are better than two.

In conclusion, giverepparttar 117568 media something they can sink their teeth into. Dig hard, think laterally, navel gaze until you findrepparttar 117569 one thing about your company thatrepparttar 117570 public (and thereforerepparttar 117571 media) would be interested in.

By handing reporters a ready-made story on a silver platter, you're sewingrepparttar 117572 seeds of some serious buzz!

How can you free up more of your time and improve your traffic and revenues? Hire an experienced writer/editor. Heather Reimer writes action-provoking e-zine and web content, news releases, sales letters, ads and articles. Get a free content analysis report when you request an estimate. mailto:heatherreimer@codetel.net.do

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