Are YOU Finished?

Written by Gail Hornback

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Now, you think you've found or createdrepparttar perfect product? You just know this is THE ONE! Get your marketing plan and affiliate program set up, and sit back and watchrepparttar 117727 money start rolling in?

I repeat: NOTHING works forever. And nothing works alone.

You'd better try repeating that sentence to yourself a few times, also, until it soaks in.

I can't tell you how many times I've let myself believe that we have FINALLY come up withrepparttar 117728 product that is going to be IT for us. Some have done exceptionally well. But none have ever beenrepparttar 117729 ONE to depend on forrepparttar 117730 whole enchilada. Just doesn't work that way. Its a numbers game. Lots of different products, lots of different marketing methods. Some will work, some will not. And some you'll give up on too quickly to see them work. Yes, it takes time and probably money. But would you expect it any other way inrepparttar 117731 'brick and mortar' world? I think not.

I get asked this question allrepparttar 117732 time: "I want to start an Ebusiness, but I need money NOW, and don't have any money to invest. Can you suggest a program?"

Answer? NO.

Fact of life.

And, you can choose to allow this fact to take you in one of two directions:

1. You can become discouraged, and resign yourself torepparttar 117733 the notion that you can't do it.

2. You can let it motivate you into getting started NOW, so that you start making income allrepparttar 117734 sooner.

People have been starting and growing successful entrepreneurial businesses sincerepparttar 117735 beginning of time. Its too bad that withrepparttar 117736 introduction and growth ofrepparttar 117737 Internet,repparttar 117738 idea that it should be easy and free has become so easily accepted.

The internet has presented some really great new opportunities and avenues for entrepreneurs, but it hasn't changedrepparttar 117739 simple fact that it takes hard work, perserverance, and at least SOME money to make it happen. You'd be surprised how far a little diligence, and creativity can take you, if you'll just commit to hanging in.

So, let me ask you ........ are you FINISHED?

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Written by Craig Lock

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9. BE YOURSELF, YET BE PROFESSIONAL IN YOUR WRITING (on your web site). Just be YOU, when writing script on your website or in your ezine articles . Ensurerepparttar information is accurate - write with absolute integrity and honesty. Also suggest using a bit of HUMOUR in your writing. I try to use a "dollop", as I believe reading a computer screen is not a very exciting pastime (except to "geeks"). It's also a sedentary (big word) activity; sorepparttar 117726 least I can do for our site visitors, as a reward, is attempting informing and trying to entertain atrepparttar 117727 same time with doses of my "rather strange/wacky/ zany" humour. Hopefully it works!

and finally,

10. "GIVE AND THOU SHALT RECEIVE." GIVE FREE INFORMATION ... AND YOU WILL SURELY RECEIVE FAR MORE IN RETURN. (Everybody has unique knowledge and expertise in certain areas - specialised skills, which can help others through SHARING). This isrepparttar 117728 basis of "the Golden Rule",repparttar 117729 Law of Giving, which isrepparttar 117730 basis of allrepparttar 117731 religions ofrepparttar 117732 world (I think!).

Become a "busy internet marketing bee" in building your online credibility

Follow all these steps and people then will be attracted to your web site (and regular TRAFFIC is THE BASIS/KEY FOR/TO SALES), like bees to a honey-pot (that's a simile, byrepparttar 117733 way!).

Here's to finding your "pot of gold" atrepparttar 117734 end ofrepparttar 117735 internet marketing "rainbow".*

Craig Lock has been successfully marketing products online for the past five years. Craig is a writer, who believes in sharing information, as well as encouraging and helping others to find their talents and gifts, to strive for and accomplish their dreams in life - whatever they may be. Creative Writing Course

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