Written by Kurt Geer

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'If He' doesn't find a niche for his Website and

'If He' doesn't get his web site indexed properly and

'If He' doesn't make his site content driven and

'If He' doesn't BELIEVE he will be a success and

'If He' doesn't have his own ezine and

'If He' doesn't write any articles and

'If He' doesn't promote them and

'If He' doesn't ACT on his ideas

He won't make any money. Period!

Think aboutrepparttar last 100 years. How far have we come? How far do we have to go?

Don't let any of your Dreams slip away. Take a chance on yourself, what do you have to loose? You just might surprise yourself.

Don't wake up one morning in 5 or 10 years form now and say to yourself, 'If only I had followed my idea to get onrepparttar 117895 NET. I wonder if it would have worked?'

Don't be 'IFFY.' Just Do It!

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Written by Najam Aziz Ahmed

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1) Get Free Email for Life from to communicate with your clients.

2) Get Ready made Web sites, FREE URL with FREE HOSTING from, you can design web sites within a few minutes withrepparttar help of wizards they provide. You can use to get pre-designed Java-scripts/Java- applets and use them to make your web site more attractive. Describe your services and contact details. You can also check your site statistics, no. of hits day by day, referrer, systems used to see your site from too. This does not required any designing, programming experience.

3) Setup eStore, affiliate with web sites like and put their links on your web site. If someone visits your site and then goes to affiliated sites and make some purchases, you will be get paid commissions.

4) Promote your web site for FREE! Submit your web site URL to 110 search engines byrepparttar 117894 help of Use proper keywords and use META TAG in your index.htm file too. Submit all important pages of your site, not only index.htm. Submit your company details to biz directories too, like Subscribe and read articles from and to know how you can promote your web site and business.

5) eMarketing: Advertise by sending email to business persons. Include a header or footer as "If you do not want to receive email ads please reply with UNSUBSCRIBE inrepparttar 117895 subject line", do not send them email if they do not want to receive. Offer FREE services to them. You can find email addresses of business persons from biz directories, newspapers, magazine etc. Also, try to read messages and reply that are familiar to your site and in newsgroups like with a short description of your site and URL.

6) Don't loose current visitors of your web site. If you want to see your visitors back again and again use to manage a community of people of familiar interests. You can also offer your clients free email accounts for life withrepparttar 117896 help of and when your visitors will get email services from your site, they will be back to check emails. If you need more information regarding this topic or if you can suggest me any useful idea, I am looking forward to you.

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