Are We To Crumble In The Presence Of Terrorism?

Written by Robert Taylor

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If there has ever been a time in history when we need to be strong, united and enduring, it is now. We must have a strong economy and total solidarity. Our leaders need our whole-hearted support.

The intent ofrepparttar terrorist is to frighten and paralyze those upon whom they perpetrate their acts. We cannot let them instil fear and paralysis in us. Should that happen we have given them victory over us and our affairs.

We come from hardy stock and are not easily frightened or manipulated. There is much pride and great humanity in our world. We have always become strongly united inrepparttar 125597 face of threats. That is our glory and that is our strength.

Difficult as it is at this time, let us get back to repairingrepparttar 125598 physical and mental damage done byrepparttar 125599 terrorists. Let us show them their acts are no more significant thanrepparttar 125600 attack of a flea on an elephant. It is an irritant, but it is not frightening.

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A Single Word

Written by Dave Balch

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Many years ago,repparttar makers of Sweet 'n Low were in a quandary. How do they increase their sales when their product is everywhere already? Being inrepparttar 125596 sweetener business, they tried to think of creative ways of selling more Sweet 'n Low. Then they realized that they were not inrepparttar 125597 "sweetener" business after all; they were inrepparttar 125598 "packaging" business. Instead of selling more Sweet 'n Low, why don't they package other condiments? Catsup, mayonnaise, relish, mustard, etc. could all be sold to their existing customer base. A single word changedrepparttar 125599 direction of their entire organization.

At one timerepparttar 125600 train industry was trying to figure out how to attract more passengers. Then they realized that they were inrepparttar 125601 "transportation" business, notrepparttar 125602 "passenger" business. Suddenly they had an entirely new market, and began transporting freight, oil, coal, vehicles, etc. A single word is all it took to change history.

What is it that you do? Instead, maybe I should ask, "What is it that you THINK you do?" Ponder that for a moment. Here's an exercise: define what you do and write it down in twenty-five words or less. Be very careful, concise, and clear in your description. Expand your thinking for a moment: are there any other words that could be used to describe what you do? One of those new words just might give you a surprising insight into what you COULD be doing.

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