Are We Singing?

Written by White Feather

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Can we embrace each note or frequency unconditionally? Can we surrender torepparttar music flowing through us? Can we liverepparttar 122101 music flowing through us? Can we dance torepparttar 122102 music without judging it? Can we let it flow through our bodies unimpeded? Is it flowing out of your fingertips and out of your mouth and out of your feet?

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Triune Consulting Services

Written by Gail LaBossiere

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repparttar physical self, spiorologenetics looks atrepparttar 122100 symbiotic relationship fromrepparttar 122101 mind, emotions, and body withrepparttar 122102 soul essence and outwards torepparttar 122103 external environment:repparttar 122104 earth plane andrepparttar 122105 outer cosmos. Entities, lost souls, trapped souls/spirits, unidentified sentient energies, and (N.O.S.) not otherwise specified energies can impede and aggravate existing conditions ofrepparttar 122106 physical body and mind. This is just a short list of possible ‘energy-related’ phenomenon that can affectrepparttar 122107 physical self and as well interfere and influence our physical surroundings. Spirologenetics can identify, discern, and use a combination of energy techniques together (i.e. negative energy removal combined with realignment of all energy fields within and aroundrepparttar 122108 physical self and close any phase alterations and distorted frequencies) to achieve a balanced energy flow. Past Life Regression, Time Line alterations, Past Life Time Line re-integration, Removal of any foreign or unwanted energy attachments are a few ofrepparttar 122109 modalities that Spirologenetics uses for total and universal healing of self and our environment. Combined with counseling and follow-up appointments to viewrepparttar 122110 changes inrepparttar 122111 client is highly recommended. For when something, say a harboring negative belief is removed,repparttar 122112 mind searches for it because ‘it’ was created inrepparttar 122113 past ofrepparttar 122114 present incarnation as a defense mechanism. As well,repparttar 122115 belief may have been created in a past life and carried through torepparttar 122116 present time line. Spirologenetics looks atrepparttar 122117 chronological past, past lives, and soul lives ofrepparttar 122118 individual, for there are situations where present ailments may be resulting from other lines of thought, which, in turn can originate in any ofrepparttar 122119 three levels of existence: spiritual existence, physical existence or external existence. Wholeness of self requires a multi-faceted look and a multi-faceted approach to healing, which this new integrative process gives.

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