Are Those In Search Of The Success Enjoyed By Search Engines Misled?

Written by Dale Armin Miller

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"Well, my webpage onrepparttar medieval history of Luxembourg doesn't make me any money."

You don't know that! You don't know that because you don't have a webpage onrepparttar 128428 medieval history of Luxembourg. You have a webpage 'about' long-distance-telephone-service-and-medieval- Luxembourg.

Who exactly do you think wants to know about long-distance- telephone-service-and-medieval-Luxembourg?

I'm pretty sure that medieval Luxembourg did not even *have* telephone service.

A person usually visits a search engine to findrepparttar 128429 answer to one question.

People usually look for only one thing at a time.

They visit for one reason.

One thing.




Learn from THAT, I suggest, if you're trying to emulaterepparttar 128430 success of search engines.

Dale Armin Miller. The author has made his living exclusively online since 1998. He may be reached by phone in medieval Luxembourg. Better yet, get his free, detailed, online-marketing strategies at


Written by David Dimas

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TIP: Pages heavy with text in a small font size may not get listed. Avoid using font size lower than 2 asrepparttar dominant size for your body copy.


Some engines will actually look at your Image and Alta tags as part of their Algorithms. On way to take advantage of this is by renaming your Image and Alt tags with your Keywords.

Here is an example.

You have an image named, "image1.jpg"

Changerepparttar 128427 name to "chiropractor1.jpg" or "venturacounty.jpg"

Here is an example of how your Image tag may look in HTML.

An Alt tag isrepparttar 128428 text that pops up when you move your mouse over a Hyperlink and some text is displayed in your browser asrepparttar 128429 mouse rolls overrepparttar 128430 link.

Example: "Find more information about Chiropractors in Ventura County, Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village California."

Here is an example of how your Alt tag may look in HTML.


Some engines will actually look atrepparttar 128431 words in your Hyperlinks for added relevancy. If you have several pages on your website, consider renaming them with your Keywords. One local top ranking Realtor uses this technique to gain a top ranking on Google.

Each ofrepparttar 128432 Hyperlinks onrepparttar 128433 home page are packed with Keywords and Keyword phrases. Here are several examples for John Q. Smith of ABC Realty:

TESTIMONIALS: For John Q. Smith of ABC Realty from satisfied home buyers and home sellers in Ventura County, Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village.

WELCOME: From John Q. Smith of ABC Realty in Ventura County, Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village.

Featured homes in Ventura County, Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village. Take a look at Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Moorpark, California homes for sale.

ABOUT: John Q. Smith from ABC Realty serving Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Ventura County. Get to know all about your real estate and relocation professional in Ventura County California.

These are just a few examples of clever ways that you can add Keywords to your Hyperlinks to gain extra Keyword relevancy for your website. Consider adding some links about your local city with hyperlinks that use your Keywords, such as;

Learn all about Ventura County, Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village.

Information and hot links about Ventura County.

My favorite places to visit in Ventura County.

School information for Ventura County, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village.

Suggestions_ feature local businesses, landmarks, points of interest.

Be creative. Make your links stand out so people will want to click them. The more time they spend on your site,repparttar 128434 better chance at gaining a new client.


Some search engines will give words found in your "H1" tag a boost in relevancy. The H1 tag is used to specify page or topic headings. In most browsers H1 is an oversized font that looks out of place on a page.

Here is a smart way that you can gain keyword relevancy both ways by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). With CSS, you can specify thatrepparttar 128435 browser displayrepparttar 128436 H1 tag or other tags on your page anyway you please. By using CSS you can get both a boost in relevancy and get better control of your webpage's appearance with this easy step.

Inrepparttar 128437 area ofrepparttar 128438 page, putrepparttar 128439 following STYLE lines:

This will force all H1 tags onrepparttar 128440 page to use a 12 pt Arial or Helvetica font in black text. This will also allow you to adjustrepparttar 128441 point size or font to whatever size may look best on your webpage.

Using this CSS tag, you can now userepparttar 128442 H1 tag on all your pages to gain extra relevancy Keyword relevancy without sacrificingrepparttar 128443 look of your pages. Many experts agree that a majority ofrepparttar 128444 engines give more weight to Keywords that appear within H1 heading tags. Try it, you'll be amazed atrepparttar 128445 results.


This past summer I spent some time with my family atrepparttar 128446 Palm Desert Marriot Resort. While playing inrepparttar 128447 pool with my kids, I noticed that several people kept asking me what I do for a living. After some conversation, I realized thatrepparttar 128448 Hotel was host to Mike Ferry Real Estate Trainer. The number one question I was asked that day was, "How can I get my site to show up on search engines for my local area?" By followingrepparttar 128449 above advice you can help your website's ranking on many search engines.

All of this information will make a difference inrepparttar 128450 way your website is indexed on search engines that are Keyword driven. I would love to get you started with making these changes. If you need any help, you can e-mail me at

A couple of hours with me may mean a couple of new patients to you. You will need a slightly different strategy on some ofrepparttar 128451 other Search Directories.

David Dimas is an off-site Internet manager in Ventura County, California. He is a widely read author of Internet Tutorials. His website contains 30 tutorials on Search Engines, Internet Advertising, E-zines, Press Releases, and other "How To," tutorials on Internet marketing. He is also an approved instructor at USCB Extension in Santa Barbara, California for Internet Advertising 101 and Search Engine 101.

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