Are There Too Many Trees In Your Forest?

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Words are a treasure and a godsend to marketers overrepparttar internet. They need to be used accurately and correctly, without a hint of deception or misleading information. If a surfer even senses that you are trying to use tactics to lure them into buying something they never intended to, or are not inrepparttar 125054 least bit interested in, they will spread your reputation to screens acrossrepparttar 125055 internet faster then one of your speeding “bullets.”

Every visitor to your site is a potential customer, but more importantly, they can be an online business friend. Always remember that everyone has friends, family and acquaintances and these can all be future satisfied customers. If you treat them withrepparttar 125056 respect and intelligence they deserve, they will reward you with business and referrals. If you attempt any deception, they will also find ways to spreadrepparttar 125057 “word”. It takes only common courtesy and a little bit of discretion to treat visitors as you would treat anyone who actually stepped into your place of business. Envision them as a family member or friend and then use your site to treat them as you hope your family/friends would be treated. You will never regret anything and you will never have to “eat your words.” Remember that opportunity comes knocking in many shapes and forms, and if you abuse it or treat it unkindly, it will leave. It will never get lost, because someone right downrepparttar 125058 road will pick it up and help it find whatever it is searching for. In simple terms, your loss, and someone else’s gain. Buyers onrepparttar 125059 internet appreciate being treated with dignity and friendliness. They value truth and honesty. Your marketing success depends on them! ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 July

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Online Promotion Beats Traditonal 30-1 for the Author or Publisher

Written by Judy Cullins

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I figure my prep and floor time was 44 hours for just one expo. With sales under $350, I'd say that was slave labor.

Think of Your Promotion Time and Budget

Most small publishers don't have a large marketing budget, nor have enough time to promote their books. Marketing experts say do five things a day, six days a week, which sounds pretty doable. But do they bring results?

Aren't sales what we should count? Beforerepparttar sales roll in however, you need to create a foundation--a plan--of what you want to promote, what money you want to make from it monthly, and how you will getrepparttar 125053 word out to your target audience. This takes time, but is worth it.

If other marketing and promotion campaigns have brought few book sales, have left your wallet thinner, wasted your valuable time, or left you with a garage full of unsold masterpieces, you may now to ready to set up your book's virtual marketing machine--the Internet.

Online Marketing Can Produces 30 times your Profit in Just Five Months

Rather than a shot gun approach, I suggest you use this one favorite and highly successful Online marketing technique. This one approach has increased my own Web site sales move than 30 times in five months.

Whether you have a Web site or not, you can apply your writing ability to produce short articles to submit to hundreds on Online ezines, whose readership of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, will read your article.

Since you will include your signature box atrepparttar 125054 end of each article with your book title, your email address and benefit statement, people can get in touch with you and possibly become buyers.

The articles, your eReports, and books all help promote your service too.

When you have written a well-constructed article, giving real information and how-to's, you will attract these potential buyers torepparttar 125055 site where you books are sold. (for more _information see Quadruple Online Sales in Four Months with Free Articles_ and Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online on

Getting Started

First, create five to ten articles from 600-1200 words, possibly excerpted from your novel, or how-to's on your subject. Joinrepparttar 125056 Online Revolution by subscribing to several opt-in ezines. As soon as you subscribe, you'll receive one or more articles a day.

Take time to read other people's articles to see what format and content they use. This Online research is worth gold, because you will now be able to model your articles after others and get what you write published, so thousands can learn from you too. You will want to use.

Time Investment

While we need promotion, how much time do we actually put into it? I'd say I put around 5-7 hours a week into submitting articles. I writerepparttar 125057 articles and submit one or so a week. I started submitting to only a few, but had immediate results. The first week several publishers used my traditional article "Sell More Books with a Powerful Back Cover." I put a link to a product "How to Get Testimonials fromrepparttar 125058 Rich and Famous" in my signature box, bringing increased sales.

My time is minimal for huge results. If you are a newbie, but want to know more about this technique, please visit my Web site to see what I'm offering. You can take a teleclass. If you miss it, you can getrepparttar 125059 audio cassettes, or you can read my eBook _Quadruple Online Sales in Four Months with Free Articles_ to find out how to writerepparttar 125060 articles, subscribe and submit them.

Online Promoting is Easy, Convenient, and Profitable

Better than press releases, book reviews or book signings, you can create and promote articles conveniently right from your office or home. Give this a method a chance. You'll only be sorry you didn't do it sooner!

Judy Cullins: author, publisher, book coach eBook:_Quadruple Online Sales in 4 Months with Free Articles_ Send an email to The Book Coach Says... includes 2 free eReports Email:

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