Are The Search Engines Censoring The Internet?

Written by Richard Lowe

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Other questions I have seen include: will using Flash drop me out ofrepparttar engines? Should I use tables or will that hurt my page ranking? If "low quality" sites link to mine, will Google get annoyed and kick me torepparttar 128350 second page?

This is, in my opinion, utterly and completely ridiculous. The purpose ofrepparttar 128351 web andrepparttar 128352 internet is communication. People write articles, create graphics and multimedia and place them on repparttar 128353 internet because they have a story to tell or some information to impart.

Of course it is important to promote your site, because part of communication is finding someone to communicate with. However, there are many, many ways to promote a web site. There are as many ways and places to promote as their are stars inrepparttar 128354 sky or electrons on a wire. Just use your creativity and your brain, and you will figure out how to get people to visit your creation, without selling your soul to a search engine.

One of my objections isrepparttar 128355 idea of "theming" a web site. That is notrepparttar 128356 way thatrepparttar 128357 web is intended to work and it is not in repparttar 128358 interest of surfers. When I search on a keyword, I want to findrepparttar 128359 best pages that I can find. If someone wrote a page about their cat but placed it on their site about quilts, then I still might want to see it. In fact, it's possible that this one page has better information than a site devoted entirely to cats.

I have a great example of a site which is one ofrepparttar 128360 best onrepparttar 128361 internet by a good man named James Huggins. I'd bet that Google wouldn't appreciate this site very much because it would have a very difficult time figuring outrepparttar 128362 theme. Yet it is by far one ofrepparttar 128363 most entertaining and informative sites onrepparttar 128364 entire web (in my opinion, of course).

A major problem withrepparttar 128365 idea of basingrepparttar 128366 ranking of a site on it's popularity is that new or smaller sites tend to drop way downrepparttar 128367 list, even though they are often much better than sites higher onrepparttar 128368 list. It simply is not true that a site which has lots of incoming "quality" links is any better than those sites which do not have as many of them.

Websites are very personal creations, and they should reflect repparttar 128369 unique viewpoints, opinions and background ofrepparttar 128370 authors, artists and creative talent. There is no need to make every site onrepparttar 128371 web look or feelrepparttar 128372 same; There is certainly no need to force every site to fit a set of rules in order to be found by other people.

My advice is to create a web site in which you can be proud. Use all ofrepparttar 128373 tools and skills that you have, and use whatever techniques you enjoy. Atrepparttar 128374 same time, explore ALL ofrepparttar 128375 methods of site promotion, including search engines. But don't place too much weight onrepparttar 128376 engines - they change constantly and they are very fickle. You might sell your soul to get a high ranking one day only to find outrepparttar 128377 next morning that you are gone entirely.

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Link Popularity Explained

Written by Shannan Hearne-Fortner

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Google goes at least one step farther than most search engines. Google evaluatesrepparttar continuum of linking relationships withinrepparttar 128349 internet. The links that come into your site anrepparttar 128350 links that come out of your site as well asrepparttar 128351 links which come into and go out from other web sites with data related to your web site. The links that make up this mix must be utilizing relevant keywords and be comprised of high quality websites.

To do your best to win this link popularity game,repparttar 128352 following tips are good rules of thumb.

Do not link with sites just forrepparttar 128353 sake of having links.

Do not link with sites that are made up mostly of affiliate links.

Do not comprise your site mostly of affiliate links.

Do not link with any site without carefully looking atrepparttar 128354 content ofrepparttar 128355 sites they are linked to.

Do not allow just anyone to link to your site.

Do keep a sitelifelong activity of setting up quality reciprical links.

Do continually explorerepparttar 128356 sites you are linked to.

Do continually explorerepparttar 128357 sites linked to you.

Shannan Hearne-Fortner is the President and Wizard of Marketing Your e-Business Better through creative marketing and knowledge. Guerrilla Marketing. One-to-One Marketing. Relationship Marketing. Your Marketing.

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