Are People Talking About You?

Written by Terri Seymour

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*Appreciate Your Customers! Have contests, give away freebies, do whatever you can to make sure your customers know that you appreciate them. A simple Thank You can do wonders!

*Provide Help For Your Prospective Customers! If your customers need advice or answers make sure you do your best to see that they get that help. You need your customers more than they need you!

*Treat People With Respect! You definitely do not want to be rude or inconsiderate to people. Treat themrepparttar way you would want to be treated inrepparttar 117876 same situation.

*Provide A Good Product or Service! This one speaks for itself.

*Make Sure Your Customers Are Satisfied! You should do everything you can to ensure thatrepparttar 117877 customer leaves your business feeling satisfied.

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In doing all these things you will build a solid reputation that will keep tongues wagging for a long time!!

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In The Footsteps Of The MoneyMakers

Written by C.J. Hill

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This is how it happens online, people work together, and success often breeds more success.

But you don't have to be a BIG player to allow this pattern to work for you, as well. Don't be discouraged if you're a "newbie" and don't know anyone. Evenrepparttar big moneymakers had to start somewhere. And everyone was a "newbie" once.

Here's a suggestion.

It relates back torepparttar 117875 point atrepparttar 117876 end beginning of this article. If one ofrepparttar 117877 big moneymakers sends you an advertisement. Read it! And if you haverepparttar 117878 opportunity, subscribe to their ezine. You won't be sorry. They want to share their knowledge and success. That's how they became a major player inrepparttar 117879 first place.

An alternative is to subscribe torepparttar 117880 ezine of someone who may be more modest in internet stature, but who has impressed you with their knowledge and savvy. Maybe they are are a mid-level entrepreneur with a home business web site. ASK what programs they are having financial success with. Or what business tools they frequently use. If you're a subscriber to their ezine, it's possible they will only welcome your questions, and your interest. If not - find someone who will.

But inrepparttar 117881 end, don't expect someone else's efforts, or someone else's advertising budget, to get you over. And be wary of individuals who blanketrepparttar 117882 internet with e-mail, and continually jump from program, to program, to program. -- It's a fine line. Use your intuition. You want a mentor. Someone who's willing to help, because someone once helped them. But you don't want to waste a moment with a "mass" recruiter/salesperson who's only out forrepparttar 117883 quick first-run commission, and who doesn't care at all about his/her customers, or downline if they are involved in an mlm-type business.

So, just use common sense. And remain undeterred in your goals, whatever they may be. Because inrepparttar 117884 end, your ultimate fate onrepparttar 117885 internet will be determined on repparttar 117886 basis of your resourcefulness, doggedness, and how unaccepting you are of failure.

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