Are Moldy Schools Destroying Our Kids?

Written by Dr GW Graham

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Also associated with maintenance is changing air filters. Many times this isn't done due to school budgets. Filters cost money. Not a lot of money, but money. Some schools don't change there A/C filters until someone fromrepparttar state comes to inspect.

Then there are carpets. Carpets are moldy. Kids spill food, milk, and glue onto carpets. They throw up on carpets. These things feed mold. Teachers make kids sleep onrepparttar 150689 floor at nap time.Their faces are pressed intorepparttar 150690 moldy carpets. Results: sick kids.

Butrepparttar 150691 ultimate reason for moldy schools is politics. This applies to everything mentioned above, ie carpets, filters and drying.

Schools have to report to taxpayers. That's YOU. If a school board member says to yourepparttar 150692 taxpayer, "We can spendrepparttar 150693 money on books, football uniforms or healthy air." What are you going to say? Most people want things they can see and touch and point to.

So if you want healthy kids with strong lungs and good immune systems,repparttar 150694 responsibility is in your hands. Go to school board meetings, talk torepparttar 150695 radio and tv stations.If you need ammunition, tellrepparttar 150696 politicians that mold free schools win more games in sports. Championship teams are something that can be pointed to like books.

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Financial Aid for Online Education

Written by Matt Norman

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After you have completed your loan applications, they will need to be sent torepparttar school for verification and processing. Many banks will not releaserepparttar 150631 funds directly torepparttar 150632 student, only torepparttar 150633 college atrepparttar 150634 start ofrepparttar 150635 term. This makes it easier- and safer- for bothrepparttar 150636 college andrepparttar 150637 student.

Securing funds for college is a fairly easy process that needn't be stressful. The key torepparttar 150638 whole process is being well organized and making sure that you meet all ofrepparttar 150639 loan deadlines specified by bothrepparttar 150640 Department of Education and your college's financial aid office.

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