Are Keywords Destroying the Flow of Your SEO Copy?

Written by Karon Thackston

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You’ll also want to vary your terms to avoid absolutely bombardingrepparttar reader (andrepparttar 108065 engines) withrepparttar 108066 same keyphrases. That *may* meanrepparttar 108067 need for longer copy *if* your target audience is one that would respond well to longer copy.

Try this instead:

Progressive, creative, upbeat. Those are phrases that best describe many online businesses based in New Orleans. Web design for your organization should match your style. Never created from templates,repparttar 108068 site designs you’ll receive will be truly reflective of your corporate personality. Because we work exclusively with companies located in or near New Orleans, Web designs retain that Big Easy feel.

Seerepparttar 108069 difference? By breakingrepparttar 108070 phrase up, you work withrepparttar 108071 flow of natural language instead of against it. To your site visitors andrepparttar 108072 engines, it appearsrepparttar 108073 phrase is just part of a written conversation instead of something that has been purposely (and carelessly) tossed in forrepparttar 108074 sole benefit of higher rankings.

So, isrepparttar 108075 flow of your current copy destroyed by keywords? Are you scaring off bothrepparttar 108076 engines and your visitors? One quick check can help you decide. Read your copy out loud. (Or better yet, have someone else read your copy out loud.) Does it sound odd? Does reading it feel forced or stiff? Wouldrepparttar 108077 sentences you’ve written in your copy seem out of place inrepparttar 108078 course of a verbal conversation with someone? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you might better take a closer look at your Web page.

Karon is author of “How To Increase Keyword Saturation (Without Destroying the Flow of Your Copy).” Discover the secrets to creating SEO copy with a perfect balance between keywords and natural language.

3 Steps To Better Sales Copywriting

Written by J.L. Reid

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What Does This Have to Do with Copywriting?

Remember, you’re nothing more than a salesperson. So you, so while writing copy, you should go through similar steps.

1. Qualifyrepparttar prospect. How you write your copy, andrepparttar 108064 ratio of hard selling to information-based soft selling, will change withrepparttar 108065 medium you’re working in. Butrepparttar 108066 first thing your copy should do is state outright what business you’re in and what you’re selling.

If your pitch is too vague, if it’s implied, or it depends on prior knowledge for comprehension, then your prospect might never realize he needs what you’re selling.

2. Sell Benefits, not Features. I’ve heard many sales trainers say, “It’s not about you, it’s about them.” That’s golden advice. The best way to apply this idea to your copy is by focusing on your product’s benefits.

A sports car’s features might be power steering, fast acceleration, and fuel efficiency. The benefits of that same car to a man a mid-life crisis, however, arerepparttar 108067 social status and appearance of youth it gives him. Which reason,repparttar 108068 benefits orrepparttar 108069 features, would cause him to buy?

In a face-to-face sales environment it’s easy to ask for a specific customer’s needs. When writing sales copy you can createrepparttar 108070 same rapport by being customer-centered. To do this, write inrepparttar 108071 second person, or “You” voice. If your copy repeatedly says your company does this, or your product does that, you’re being self-centered. Your prospect won’t see himself benefiting from your product.

3. Closerepparttar 108072 Deal. I can’t count how often I’ve read a brochure, watched a commercial, or visited a website and had no clue about what I was supposed to do.

Always end your copy with a Call-to-Action.

Tellrepparttar 108073 customer exactly what you want him to do. This isn’trepparttar 108074 time to be cute, so be exact. Do you want him to call you? Click a “Buy This” button? Make a donation? Tell your customer, or else he won’t do anything.

When asked what I do I usually say I’m a freelance marketing and publicity copywriter. I’m might reviserepparttar 108075 statement to, “I’m a freelance sales copywriter,” because that’s what it all comes down to: sales. Whether your copy creates a direct response or creates publicity and general awareness of your company, if you don’t sell you might as well not be in business.

J.L. Reid is a freelance marketing—er—freelance sales copywriter based in Raleigh NC. Visit his website,, to learn more about his services.

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