Are Headhunters calling you...or ignoring you?

Written by Deborah Walker

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The best way to make sure your resume is filled with keywords is to scour job postings of target positions and identify keywords of qualifications. Findrepparttar most commonly used keywords in 12 or more target postings and use those words asrepparttar 101871 language of your resume. For future use, recruiters save resumes in candidate-tracking databases to sort later by keywords. If your resume does not haverepparttar 101872 correct keywords, it may never be seen by human eyes. Correct choice of words means that your resume will get recruiter attention every time he queries by keywords contained in your resume.

Once your resume is showcased inrepparttar 101873 proper format, packed with quantifiable accomplishments and strong keywords, be sure to follow proper etiquette in contacting recruiters and headhunters. The most effective initial contact is through email. Recruiters spend 80% of their time proactively calling prospective candidates and employers. They do not appreciate spending phone time with unsolicited callers. Once a recruiter has your resume he will call you if he is interested in you. It does no good to call him up asking if they he has received your resume. You risk ticking him off permanently.

When emailing your resume to recruiters itís best to send it as both a Word attachment as well as in ASCII (plain text) format inrepparttar 101874 body ofrepparttar 101875 email. This allowsrepparttar 101876 recruiter to access your information inrepparttar 101877 quickest manner in order to contact you sooner.

Recruiters and headhunters can be a tremendous resource to your job search efforts. They are privy to a great number of opportunities inrepparttar 101878 hidden job market. They are experts at presenting candidatesí best selling points. They also act as go-between for candidate and employer, allowingrepparttar 101879 candidate to learn important employer feedback. Designing your resume with recruiters in mind is an important first step toward building relationships with influential recruiters who haverepparttar 101880 power to introduce you to your next boss.

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Leave Your Needs at the Door

Written by Rinatta Paries

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It's your choice. You can wait until you get your needs met through your partner and sacrifice important aspects of yourself. Or, you can take stock of your needs now and get them met. You will then be ready to attract a partner who will enrich your life, so that both of you can expand and grow in love.

Which one will you pick?

Want to know which needs are good to bring torepparttar relationship and which needs you should leave atrepparttar 101870 door? Watch for an upcoming class on just this subject.

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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