Are Black Republicans Selfish?

Written by Angela Winters

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Her reference torepparttar values appeal underestimates our intelligence. She seems to think that blacks support Bush's values out of hatred for gays and non-Christians. Bush's value statement isn't just aboutrepparttar 125938 gay marriage amendment or stuffing faith in our face, which is arguablyrepparttar 125939 wrong choice. It's about traditional values; especially traditional family values which it seems as if liberals are deeming politically incorrect. Many blacks are seeingrepparttar 125940 demise ofrepparttar 125941 black family andrepparttar 125942 damage it is doing to our children a result of our rejection ofrepparttar 125943 values that got us through much harder times than we face now and no longer believe that its purely racism.

Overall, I disagree withrepparttar 125944 article but it's important to read because it shows a growing age and class disconnect withinrepparttar 125945 black community that can only work to our overall disadvantage.

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Angela Winters is a freelance writer and author of over twelve novels. She writes articles on race, politics and diversity. Located in the Washington DC area, Angela has written for The Laurel Leader,, Watchblog, Centerfield and Politopics among others.


Written by Sana

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"We believe that every comprehensive and authoritative defination of nationhood is forced to recognizerepparttar Muslim as a seperate nation and Muslims and Hindus arerepparttar 125937 two major nations ofrepparttar 125938 sub-continent.We,The Muslims,arerepparttar 125939 nation of ten corore people.In addition to it we are a nation which has its own culture, civilization, language and literature, art and craft, history, moral values, character, legal syatem, customs and traditions, calendar, natural talents, aims and objectives.In short, we have our own faith and belief.We are seperate nation by all canons of international law."


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