Are Affiliates Getting Fired?

Written by Anik Singal

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When to remove affiliates? - Their actions can “hurt” your company. - They are strictly violating company policy. - They have inaccurate contact information. - They have been “completely” inactive for a period of 3 months or more. When it is wrong to remove affiliates? - Their website does not get enough traffic. - They did not meet a “quota” even though they were trying. - They are new and have questions. Do not get me wrong, most affiliate programs are still doing it right – they are treating their affiliates properly. However, I am alarmed with a growing trend of being far too selective. This trend is blocking outrepparttar “new affiliates” and is not fair torepparttar 151150 industry. If you are a new affiliate, contactrepparttar 151151 affiliate program first and make sure that you will receiverepparttar 151152 kind of support you need. If you are an experienced affiliate, understand thatrepparttar 151153 largerrepparttar 151154 industry gets,repparttar 151155 better it is for you. Super affiliates will get paid more asrepparttar 151156 industry becomes more recognized. If you are an affiliate manager, my question to you is “why does it bother you?” It hardly costs a company anything to have an affiliate in their system. So what ifrepparttar 151157 affiliate referred $300 in sales rather than your minimum $500? By relying so heavily on “super affiliates” you are placing too many eggs in one basket. Why not work withrepparttar 151158 beginners, train and help them – gain their loyalty and you will truly build a great sales force (a lesson we can learn from network marketing or MLM). Inrepparttar 151159 end it isrepparttar 151160 decision ofrepparttar 151161 affiliate manager andrepparttar 151162 company. However, The Affiliate Classroom is standing firm on our opinion that new affiliates should be giving a fair chance and never discriminated against.

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10 POWERFUL Reasons WHY 'Articles' Remain The Internets #1 Marketing Strategy

Written by Cory Threlfall

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If your up to speed onrepparttar latest marketing technology called RSS(Real Simple Syndication) and you write 'Articles' on a regular basis you can set-up an RSS feed that web surfers and/or website owners can 'Opt-In' to and syndicate your 'Articles' via RSS to them, plus, you can also submit your RSS feed(s) to RSS search engines and directories.

Depending on how many 'Opt-In' this is yet another great reason to get started with 'Articles' and another way to generate LOTS of Free targeted traffic.

Reason #7. Bloggers with BLOGS need "Information" to.

Bloggers with BLOGS or Web-Logs need information to.

If you provide quality information related to a specific Blog that blog owner just might post your article on his/her blog for their audiences/readership to read giving you again more FREE exposure for your business.

It gets better. Blogs also use RSS(Real Simple Syndication) to syndicate there content to various search engines, RSS search engines and directories giving you again more FREE exposure through their feed.

Reason #8. Info-Product developers need it to.

Ever receive a free ebook of some sort in your Inbox with related articles inside it from other authors?

When you offer your articles with 'Reprint Rights' and someone decides to include your article in there ebook for a Viral marketing campaign they're working on, guess what?

More FREE targeted traffic for YOU as that particular ebook circulates acrossrepparttar 150980 Internet.

Reason #9. Post them to related Forums and Newsgroups.

Remember,repparttar 150981 Internet is all about numbers and Forums and Newsgroups contain numbers to and are yet another avenue for you to gain some extra exposure for FREE for your online business through your articles.

Just make sure you read there 'Terms' before you start posting because you don't want to receive any 'Flames' in your Inbox.(They can be Nasty.)

Reason #10. You gain INSTANT credibility as an Expert.

The best way to gainrepparttar 150982 trust of your potential customers online is to supply them with quality "Information".

By doing this your stepping up and telling them that you know what your talking about withinrepparttar 150983 industry your in giving them a reason to look into what you have to offer further by followingrepparttar 150984 link you provided within your 'Resource Box' atrepparttar 150985 end of your article.

WoW! Are those 10 POWERFUL reasons to get started with 'Articles' or what?

You get all those benefits by just producing ONE article.

The more you producerepparttar 150986 more you'll benefit.

Do you see how powerful 'Articles' are now and how they can take your online business torepparttar 150987 next level?

I certainly hope so.

In conclusion: "Content IS King" online and will remain King for as long asrepparttar 150988 Internet exists.

It's now up to you to step up torepparttar 150989 plate and decide whether or not You want to tap into this 'Proven Internet Marketing Strategy' yourself and reap allrepparttar 150990 benefits I just finished explaining above.

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