Are Affiliate Programs Sensible?

Written by Denise Hall

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Why would they do that? Because they can't possibly reach allrepparttar potential customers by themselves.

By becoming an affiliate for someone who knows much more about computers and digital products than I do, I haverepparttar 117337 advantage of selling quality products that I can't create myself.

And they haverepparttar 117338 advantage of their affiliates doing some ofrepparttar 117339 "leg work" for them because they can't possibly reach allrepparttar 117340 potential customers in this vast internet world.

A few ofrepparttar 117341 large companies onrepparttar 117342 internet today that offer free two-tier affiliate programs can be located atrepparttar 117343 following links: .x/775957 (For this last one you sign up for ListFire and get your free copy of Web Army Knife. Then you can sign up to become an affiliate for free.)

The next time you visit a website offering products you like, check to see if they offer an affiliate program. Even if you don't wish to place an order for a product at that time, you can sign up as an affiliate.

Inrepparttar 117344 future when you do order you may be able to use your own affiliate URL and give yourselfrepparttar 117345 commission. Most companies allow this procedure.

Inrepparttar 117346 meantime you can let your customers know that you have new products available, as well as affiliate programs for them to join. It's a great way to get backend sales.

So there you have it! The reasons for affiliate programs and why it makes sense for people to sign up. By offering well-known products on your website or in your ezine you are in a win-win situation and can potentially earn big money likerepparttar 117347 "internet gurus."

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A Solid Foundation For Your Internet Business

Written by Tracy S. Garrett

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Open Source Software.

This is software you can use and it doesn't cost a dime!

This is just my opinion, but regardless of how big or small your business is, if you aren't looking into open source for ways to positively impact your business then you might as well have a bull's-eye painted on your forehead. I can almost guarantee that your competitors are looking into open source software and ways to shoot you inrepparttar head with it.

To help you in your discovery process, I'd like to suggest that you visit and check out some of what is available to you inrepparttar 117336 way of open source software. What you'll see at this specific site are all "web" solutions, which is appropriate since I'm talking about you building your own website.

However, there are tons of open source offerings to be had that encompass every business need you'll ever have. All you have to do is search Google for "open source" and you'll begin to see just how broadrepparttar 117337 offerings are.

Anyway, to get back torepparttar 117338 task at hand, I'd like to clarify my statement above regarding time and effort. Once you've found a solution that interests you, I personally recommend you set it up to run on your own PC first. This way you can learn your way aroundrepparttar 117339 solution before you spend money on hosting.

You'll also have a much higher comfort level once you actually go live with your site. However, in order to run these open source web solutions on your own PC you'll need to setup a few things first. I've listed them below.

1. Apache ( 2. PHP ( 3. MySQL (

All three come in versions that will run on a Windows PC and all three are free. Apache is your web server, PHP isrepparttar 117340 scripting language that allows for allrepparttar 117341 powerful features that you'll see inrepparttar 117342 solutions once you visitrepparttar 117343 site mentioned above, and MySQL is your database software.

Even if you have no experience, you can accomplish installing and configuring these applications. However, I can almost guarantee you'll hit some frustrating snags if you've never been exposed to any of this stuff. My advice is to readrepparttar 117344 "readme" files that come with each ofrepparttar 117345 applications very thoroughly and follow them torepparttar 117346 letter.

Once you've gotrepparttar 117347 foundation in place, you can start to play withrepparttar 117348 different solutions on your own PC and find one that is a good fit for your needs. After all, every Internet business needs a solid foundation.

Unless you've got a huge budget, or you don't need a database driven website, then you'll need to start experimenting with open source if you want to get a big jump start on having a powerful and interactive website that your visitors will love.

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