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The block of sandstone, 28 ft. (8.6 m) long, which is calledrepparttar Dwarfie Strane, is an example, unique in Britain, of a rock-cut chamber. It may have been used for meditation or initiation; for 'at each end is a bed and pillow of stone capable of holding two persons, with a hole above to admit light and allow smoke to escape'. {We believerepparttar 142623 king’s chamber inrepparttar 142624 Pyramid has a resting place rather than a sarcophagus. There were no mummies or bodies therein, and there was no top to this bed. The 'debunkers' of ancient knowledge say there was a grave robbing enterprise. These were not robbed and their uncovering through tunneling is well recorded. The grave robber priests ofrepparttar 142625 second millennia and later BC are a fact but they went wererepparttar 142626 material treasures were housed and did not get intorepparttar 142627 Giza Pyramids. They are also part of a time whenrepparttar 142628 ethic and culture ofrepparttar 142629 supposed Stone Age or earlier 'primitives' were no longer in charge. Afterrepparttar 142630 Trojan Worldwide War things became worse in leaps and bounds. There was a 400 year 'Dark Ages' asrepparttar 142631 Keltic/Phoenician 'Red-Heads' such as those being burned atrepparttar 142632 graves of their long ago leader Osiris; decided New Zealand andrepparttar 142633 Americas were better places to live and love life.} The early Christian saints of Ireland and Scotland {Like Columba and Pelagius, who still endeavoured to retain old 'Brotherhood' ideals [Iesa=Jesus] from before Rome when deviate behavior swept this opportunistic church.}continuedrepparttar 142634 tradition of using rock cavities for meditation and prayer. They chose mountains, islands and desolate places not only to avoid distraction but also to be closer torepparttar 142635 Sacred. The church near Bilbao, actually built round a group of natural standing stones, and dedicated to St. Michael,repparttar 142636 dragon-slayer beloved ofrepparttar 142637 Celts, is a remarkable example ofrepparttar 142638 Christianization of a sacred place.” (5)

We will go further alongrepparttar 142639 path of science that is provingrepparttar 142640 existence of templates and archetypes in all of nature as we cover Dr. Robins’ work and Lamarckian evolution etc. Yes,repparttar 142641 universe might have an over-riding purpose and potential that insists on growth and creativity. If we don't allow each member of our human family to be able, through enabling support, we might not only be diminished; we might have a re-start of universal proportions as Martin Rees is saying aboutrepparttar 142642 whole of our universe. He is a recognized expert inrepparttar 142643 field for whatever that is worth, but what he says is in line withrepparttar 142644 cycles of Hindu astrology to be sure.

Here is a simple exchange of knowledge from a forum onrepparttar 142645 World Wide Web. It includes Iesa in a gospel that reflects back torepparttar 142646 things which ancients learned and gradually got imbedded or imbued into our genes and archetypes. But that knowledge ofrepparttar 142647 ‘oneness’ or what Jung callsrepparttar 142648 ‘collective unconscious’ has another side or oppositional element. There are those who would use our ‘oneness’ againstrepparttar 142649 good of ‘the collective’.

“Hymnal prayer fromrepparttar 142650 Gospel ofrepparttar 142651 Egyptians IE IEUS EO OU EO OUA Truly, Truly! IESSEU MAZAREU IESSEDEKEU,repparttar 142652 living water! The child ofrepparttar 142653 child! O glorious name! Truly, Truly! The one existing eternally! III EEEE EEEE OO OO UUUU OOOO AAAA Truly, Truly! EI AAAA OO OO O one who exists, who seesrepparttar 142654 aeons! Truly, Truly! AEE EEE IIII UUUUUU OOOOOOOO The one who exists for ever and ever! Truly, Truly! IEA AIO, inrepparttar 142655 mind, who exists! UAEI EISAEI EIOEI EIOSEI

This, your great name, is upon me, o faultless, self-born one, who is not outside of me. I see you, O one invisible before everyone. For who will be able grasp you in another language? Now that I have known you, I have merged myself withrepparttar 142656 one who does not change. I have armed myself with luminous armor and have been luminous. Forrepparttar 142657 mother was there on account ofrepparttar 142658 lovely beauty of grace. Therefore I have reached out my folded hands. I have been formed byrepparttar 142659 ring ofrepparttar 142660 wealth of light which is in my breast, which gives form torepparttar 142661 multitude born inrepparttar 142662 light, where no accusation reaches. I shall sing your glory truly, for I have grasped you. SOU IES IDE AEIO AEIE OSIS O! Eternal, eternal god of silence, I honour you completely. You are my place of rest, O son, ES ES O E, repparttar 142663 formless one who exists inrepparttar 142664 formless ones. He exists, he raisesrepparttar 142665 one by whom you shall purify me into your life according to your indestructable name. Thereforerepparttar 142666 fragrance of life is in me. I have blended it with water, fromrepparttar 142667 pattern of allrepparttar 142668 rulers, so that I shall live with you inrepparttar 142669 peace ofrepparttar 142670 saints, you who exist forever.

My response:

Thank you forrepparttar 142671 Hymnal Prayer ofrepparttar 142672 Egyptians. It has much ofrepparttar 142673 meaning of Iesa (Iesous inrepparttar 142674 fish symbol [IXOYE] stolen by Christians) and even Zeus comes from this concept ofrepparttar 142675 Brotherhood of Man. That 'one mind' or collective that is known torepparttar 142676 ancients and which Jesus (Iesa through linguistics) may have allowed himself to be known.”

The Keltic program of 'Brotherhood' required sending children to far away places for their upbringing as we have mentioned. Inrepparttar 142677 matter of psychology it served to ensure disciplined people with few 'spoiled brats'. Much of our insanity comes from a confusion created inrepparttar 142678 minds of undisciplined people. Habits and ego or choices to behave as idiots seem more likely causes of aberrant behavior than most psychologists want to allow. After all if discipline and meditation were all we needed then a lot of people would see what is going on: and education would have to become enabling for individuals rather than for our bureaucratic propaganda and psycho-civilizing purposes. guest 'expert'

The Monkey And The Spreadsheet

Written by Abraham Thomas

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Which wasrepparttar real you?

But, where was consciousness? Which wasrepparttar 142144 real you? Nature had a mechanism, which isolatedrepparttar 142145 truth. When an animal sensed danger, it sniffedrepparttar 142146 air to investigate. It was a process which generally stilled neural activity. Survival, in a perilous world, demanded a responsive approach, free of distorted views. An inquiring mind wasrepparttar 142147 most open. And, it was not as if an investigation needed to be about life threatening concerns. Even when you wrote a shopping list, that very inquiry stilled background thoughts. Inrepparttar 142148 end, that curious personality wasrepparttar 142149 true you. The superior consciousness. The most powerful intelligence in nature. That questioning drive was devoid of emotions. Open to recognizerepparttar 142150 new. All other drives had fractional views. Views, which were distorted, or bending torepparttar 142151 whims and fancies of anger and fear, or love and compassion.

The spreadsheet list

For worrying issues, you did not need costly counseling. You could begin you own investigation. Just an exercise on a spread sheet assisted this process. Just as in a shopping list, a search process was set in motion. This routine began by listing, line by line, any aspect of a vexing problem, as it came to mind. A short line would be entered, in a single cell ofrepparttar 142152 spread sheet. Like a shopping list. It could just begin with, say, "Downsizing" and go on down. Many conflicting emotions surged inrepparttar 142153 background. Each line would be a thought, which could point to pages of reports, or be just a hunch. It represented a particular feeling. The curiosity drive was powerful. It would bring in differing viewpoints. Each viewpoint was noted down. These views would arrive in conspicuous sequence.

Emptied mind

When you noted them down, you brought them into consciousness – intorepparttar 142154 view of isolated and competing drives. The more outraged drives, including four letter references to corporate stupidity, became conscious of opposing viewpoints. Raging emotions could have eliminated those muffled, crucial insights. The average issue would fill about 60 or more cells. All your views about those uneasy rumours inrepparttar 142155 office. It was a process which emptied your mind concerningrepparttar 142156 subject. Byrepparttar 142157 timerepparttar 142158 list was over,repparttar 142159 mind would have thrown up many rival positions. Opposing viewpoints usually broughtrepparttar 142160 needed balance.

Organized thoughts

Oncerepparttar 142161 list was over, a label was entered for each thought in an adjacent cell onrepparttar 142162 spreadsheet. From a calmer perspective, labelling an entry became easier. The slimming down ofrepparttar 142163 corporation was notrepparttar 142164 end ofrepparttar 142165 world. There could be promotional opportunities. Even possible career improvements. Solutions were bound to emerge. So an entry in a cell could be labelled as an “opportunity.” Each such label would fit several more entries. Gently,repparttar 142166 picture cleared. Subsurface drives which triggered anxieties came out intorepparttar 142167 open. Things atrepparttar 142168 back ofrepparttar 142169 mind, which went thud, inrepparttar 142170 dark. The process ended with sixty thoughts in a dozen labeled categories. A "sort" ofrepparttar 142171 labels column would arrange similar ones together, in alphabetic order. Listing similarly labeled ideas together would bring clarity. They became groups of consistent, allied thoughts.

Creativity from a stilled mind

Isolated drives came out intorepparttar 142172 open. A dispassionate consciousness viewedrepparttar 142173 tumult and made sense. Unlikely worries seen together distilled reality. Purged anxieties. The less likely outcomes could be ignored. The inevitable ones had to be accepted. That left you withrepparttar 142174 actions you could take. Invariably,repparttar 142175 things you could do never took all that much time. The rest ofrepparttar 142176 stuff just climbed off your chest. Acted on, ignored, or accepted. Another threatening issue would have been acknowledged, accepted and foreseen. Overrepparttar 142177 years many such concerns raised their heads. Each time,repparttar 142178 spreadsheet evaluation balancedrepparttar 142179 mind and stilled its hidden anxieties. When major concerns in life were sorted out,repparttar 142180 creative forces ofrepparttar 142181 mind converged. Anger and fear, love and altruism cooperated to search for solutions which met allrepparttar 142182 concerns ofrepparttar 142183 mind. An integrated mind wasrepparttar 142184 most creative force inrepparttar 142185 world.

Abraham Thomas is the author of The Intuitive Algorithm, a book, which suggests that intuition is a pattern recognition algorithm. The ebook version is available at The book may be purchased only in India. The website, provides a free movie and a walk through to explain the ideas.

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