Aquamarine is March's Birthstone

Written by Sam Serio

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The association with water led torepparttar belief thatrepparttar 147641 Aquamarine was particularly powerful when immersed. Water in which this gemstone had been submerged was used in ancient times to heal a variety of illnesses ofrepparttar 147642 heart, liver, stomach, mouth and throat. Aquamarines were also used to reverse poisoning and to aid in fortune telling. Heal Me Many believe that aquamarine helps dependence on drugs, is an aid in digestion, and can be used as remedy for swollen glands and to maintainrepparttar 147643 health ofrepparttar 147644 jaws and teeth. Onrepparttar 147645 non-physical plain, aquamarine is believed to release anger and negativity replacing them with mental peace and clarity, providing emotional and mental balance. It has been used as an aid in meditation and to assist in self-expression. A Gift of Love To dream of aquamarine signifiesrepparttar 147646 making of new friends. To wear aquamarine brings love and affection. To give aquamarine is to offerrepparttar 147647 gift of knowledge, foresight and individual inspiration. It is a universal symbol of youth, fidelity, hope and health. Ideal for carving into cameos and beads,repparttar 147648 "blue sea" stone is said to aid seafarers so it is a wonderful gift for sailors, fishermen, and everyone who spends time at sea. A a gift of aquamarine symbolizes safety and security, especially within long standing relationships. Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware): The beautiful light blue to blue-green color of aquamarine may fade upon prolonged exposure to light, so it is especially important to purchase this gem from a reputable source.

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Kids Halloween Costumes! Make your pint-sized witches and goblins look their spookiest and cutest ever!

Written by Maria Parise

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