Apologize for what?

Written by Terry Dashner

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As a matter of fact let me predict where this is going. The European Union wants nothing more than what China or Russia want—to berepparttar leading world power. To do that, she must eclipserepparttar 105755 United States inrepparttar 105756 world spot light. Will this happen? Eventuallyrepparttar 105757 European Union will eclipse all nations. There is coming a restoration, a revival ofrepparttar 105758 Roman Empire. Inrepparttar 105759 last days in which we live currently,repparttar 105760 nations ofrepparttar 105761 world will move into positions to dominaterepparttar 105762 world in trade, prestige, religious and military might. The only missing link for this to happen inrepparttar 105763 European Union is a human leader that consolidates its power and leads it forward to world domination. There is coming soon a world leader who will fill this tall order forrepparttar 105764 European Union. He will capitalize on Europe’s secular platform—no semblances of God. He will unify trade, secularism, and militaries. He is calledrepparttar 105765 Anti-Christ inrepparttar 105766 book of Revelation.

You might keep this in mind asrepparttar 105767 world continues to throw mind inrepparttar 105768 eyes of America. But America is not going away, nor will she cower underrepparttar 105769 pressures of her oppressors. Currently America is experiencing spiritual revival. God is revisiting His covenant which He made with her early fore-fathers of faith. He is blessing America one more time because she is humbling herself before God and calling out to Him. God said, “If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray…” (II Chron. 7:14). America wants more than what money and prestige alone can give. America wants God’s blessing on her. As long as she wants this and cries out for it, she will have it.

The European Union is playing intorepparttar 105770 hands of God whether she cares to admit this or not. She will serve God’s purpose either willingly or by His Sovereignty. And for that matter, every nation inrepparttar 105771 world belongs to Him and is created for His glory (Isa. 43:7). God watches over His footstool which according torepparttar 105772 Psalmist isrepparttar 105773 world. Ifrepparttar 105774 nations of this world humble themselves before God, they will prosper. Ifrepparttar 105775 nations defy Him—well stick around and watch what happens. God will haverepparttar 105776 last word!

Keeprepparttar 105777 faith. Stayrepparttar 105778 course. Jesus rules over all. He is coming again one day soon. Get ready and stay ready.

Pastor Tdash

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. He is a retired police officer and veteran of the United States Navy. He currently serves his community as a minister of a church that his father founded 23 years ago.

Divine Right of Capital

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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You will hear more than you want to hear and it might make you feel sicker than watchingrepparttar news on Faux TV whererepparttar 105754 owner brazenly admits his employees are not allowed to report anything he doesn’t agree with. That Rupert Murdoch ‘fella’ really deservedrepparttar 105755 Congressional approval of his special tax status when he moved torepparttar 105756 US. I kid you not. I think he did. In a world whererepparttar 105757 super-rich can locate anywhere they want it only makes sense to bid for them to come to your country and spread some of that cash around wherever you are.

Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Author of Diverse Druids Free courses at AlternativeArchaeology Guest Expert for World-Mysteries.com

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