Anyone Can Build a Web Site!

Written by Robin Sopko

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I could offer you a list of allrepparttar URLs to visit, (and would love to, in upcoming articles; or you could just visit our website!), if you'd like, but for now I'll just tell yourepparttar 131727 basics. Remember to ask yourself before you begin: Am I interested enough in this topic to come back and update my site frequently? Do I need images to put on it, and if I do, is there a scanner availableto allow me to upload these pictures? Will I need information or images that do not belong solely to me? If so, are there addresses for me to write, to ask permissionforrepparttar 131728 use of those images or thoughts? A website onrepparttar 131729 internet is a legacy, so to speak. It will be a spot onrepparttar 131730 infinite Web, that you created. You can use free space and a longer site name or, if you purchase website hosting space and a domain name, it will belong to youat least, for a year. It willhave your name on it, and you will be responsible for it. It will be your "baby". It could remain there for many years, or you could change your mind and simply delete it. The bottom line is that all you require is an idea, a half anhour tutorial, and a goal. Much more time is required if you'd like a really nice website, but that is up to you. Who knows how long it will take before space runs out onrepparttar 131731 World Wide Web, or if it ever will. If I were you, I'd get started on it! If you don't document your idea on this vast new course of technology and adventure, you'll probably regret it later. It's like writing your name with a stick in a freshly-poured cement sidewalk. Generations to follow can read it and remember you by it. The only cost involved is a small fee for your internet connection. You could even eliminate that if you visit a local library where computer access is free. Show your cousin in California all of your photographs. Tellrepparttar 131732 world how much you love Korn or corndogs. Meet and communicate with people acrossrepparttar 131733 continent who share your interests. Design and construct a legacy. You CAN build a web site. Your legacy awaits!

Robin Sopko isrepparttar 131734 webmaster of: WebsCoolLinks! (located at: provides many free links to a combination of design, hosting, tutorials, andother assortedwebmaster tools,that assistthose interested inbuilding their own free place onrepparttar 131735 World Wide Web.

An author since high school with many poetry submissions and travel writing for American Automobile Assn. Most interested in website instruction, article writing, and design.

Choosing The Right Blog-Tools

Written by Gunnar Berglund

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Bloggers may set up individual feeds for each thread and comments feed by followingrepparttar naming convention of individual archives - changing it to an .xml ending. Bloggers may even add a Subscription Field. Also, bloggers may consider using a WebDrive in place of a FTP client. This tool is used to map FTP and WebDAV servers to a network drive letter in Windows using remote files like local ones in any application. Blogger may also consider using validated HTML 4.01 Transitional code with a validated stylesheet. Blogs demand more than graphic design and HTML proficiency. They demand extensive interaction with visitors. So, installing a Discussion Forum is a must, as it allows communities to exchange ideas and opinions. Tools that could be considered are database programming, CGI/Perl scripting, Flash animation etc. In addition to this, bloggers may consider having an Accessory Sideblog - another blog that stores ancillary information and tools forrepparttar 131725 existing blog. Accessory Sideblog allows: Easy updation Changes in entries/ information from within Movable Type interface Availability of comments and trackbacks Bloggers may consider buying opensource weblogging softwares. These easily installable softwares offer features like: fully-integrated comments, searching, file uploading and image handling, completely customizable output through dozens of templates and variables, multiple author support, etc. For example: few blogs allow bloggers to provide a template of their page that indicates where they want your posts to appear. Clickingrepparttar 131726 "Publish" button automatically sends their new page torepparttar 131727 website where they want their blogs to appear. Similarly, there are sites that enable bloggers to placerepparttar 131728 RSS feed of their blog onto any html page. For example: bloggers can copyrepparttar 131729 completed JavaScript and paste it on any web page they would like to distribute. Bloggers can host their blog on their own as well with any good web-hosting company. They can choose a good web host, buy space on their server and host their blogs with them. ------------------------------------------- 2003 - 2004 Gunnar Berglund

Gunnar Berglund has been a "internet- hardworker" for the last four years He publishes The meonit Gazette and run

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