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Written by Patricia Deere Ring

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So, its not always WHAT you know, but whether you can TELL others what you know! Having a head full of knowledge doesn't help anyone but yourself, if you're not able to relate it to others. If you don't know how to spell, use *spell check* to correct your writing. If you don't understandrepparttar rules of punctuation and grammar, find a good proof-reader to look over what you have written. Let someone else check your writing, someone not as knowledgeable inrepparttar 129704 subject as you, to see if it's easily understood by others.

There are ways to make your writing something to be read and appreciated by others. Good luck and better writing!

Patricia Deere Ring is a freelance writer living in Tarkington Prairie, Texas with her retired husband. She runs two businesses of her own and can be contacted by email at or on her Web site at

How To Brand Yourself On a Shoestring Budget

Written by John Colanzi

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It's truly amazing what article writing can do. After you've been doing it long enough, readers will getrepparttar feeling they know you.

There's not much chance of that happening from running an ad. An ad is just one of many and gives no clue as to who you are.

The fourth reason I gave for writing articles was, "Most marketers won't do it."

If you're serious about your business and branding yourself, there is one thing you should realize. You have to start thinking out ofrepparttar 129702 box.

Become a contrarian. Learn what everybody is doing, and then start doing what they are not.

You're a unique individual and you don't have to followrepparttar 129703 herd. Birds of a feather may flock together, butrepparttar 129704 brave eagle flies alone.

Get inrepparttar 129705 habit of writing and submitting articles and hopefully,repparttar 129706 next article I read will be yours.

John Colanzi. John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. To subscribe visit: and take advantage of our free marketing library. If you want to cash in on the the information gold mine and make 100% profits visit:

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