Anybody Wanna Buy From "Ol' Shifty Eyes"?

Written by Mary Holzrichter

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How do we get that same feeling of "one on one"? Why do we "connect" with one person but not another? After all, we really don't know anyone we haven't met, do we? What IS that "spark" that ignitesrepparttar "fire"? Why do we "connect" with some people and not others?

I've found so many kind and helpful people onrepparttar 127460 internet, and I often wonder what "IT" is that causes that.

Why do you join a program or two? Is it because somehow you seemed to "connect" withrepparttar 127461 owner(s)? You just "feel" you can trust them, right? Why?

I think a lot of it has to do withrepparttar 127462 fact they respond to your inquiries with a personal touch. They takerepparttar 127463 time to email you - not just send a cold impersonal autoresponder message.

Ever emailed (to their personal email address) after receiving an autoresponder message and waited for a reply that never came? I have. Did you continue any further? I didn't.

Ever come across a great looking site and sent them an email complimenting them? Perhaps even feeling so "fired up and bold" that you throw in a question asking for a little help? I have. Still waiting for a reply? I am.

Ever unsubscribed from a newsletter because you don't have a clue whorepparttar 127464 editor is? There's no mention of a name? I have.

How long does it take for someone to send a simple email? A "thank you" or even an acknowledgment that they've received it and will get back to you as soon as they can?

Maybe soon they'll have allrepparttar 127465 time inrepparttar 127466 world! But it won't be onrepparttar 127467 internet.

Be interactive. Let people know you're a real person onrepparttar 127468 other end of that mouse.

Pretend you're seated across from me at a kitchen table on a hot summer evening with June bugs bouncing off repparttar 127469 screens and distant heat lightning inrepparttar 127470 horizon.

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Call Reluctance - Do You Have It?

Written by Jackie Ulmer

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Perhaps a bad experience early in your career, a close, respected friend, family member or mentor who told you that you couldn't sell or be successful in your endeavor orrepparttar pressure of unrealistic quotas or goals.

Because these are environmental influences, they are learned behaviors and, consequently, they can be unlearned.

Properly identifyingrepparttar 127459 type or types of Call Reluctance you are experiencing will help withrepparttar 127460 cure.

Spend a few quiet moments clearing your mind and allowing events ofrepparttar 127461 past to filter through. If you have an instinctive feeling about someone or some event that may be causing your reluctance, don't disregard it.

Write your thoughts down and try to remember everything you possibly can.

Do this on a regular basis until you feel that you have uncovered everything that could possibly be causing your dilemma.

Then, one by one, work through each ofrepparttar 127462 events or people you have written about and write out what you would like to change about these experiences. Get very creative and actually see in your mind's eyerepparttar 127463 perfect experience.

Next, do regular mental exercises where you view yourself experiencingrepparttar 127464 events inrepparttar 127465 positive way that you have written out. Rehearse these over and over in your mind. Feelrepparttar 127466 empowerment and renewed confidence?

After doing this with some frequency, you are now ready to experiment with making a few calls.

Spend a few minutes visualizing a successful outcome, and then choose those areas that arerepparttar 127467 most comfortable to you. Gradually, as your self-confidence builds, you can move on torepparttar 127468 more challenging areas.

These exercises will prove very powerful in helping you to break through your barriers, if done consistently.

Before long, that one-eyed monster sitting on your desk will once again become a communications device known as a telephone.

You'll be packing your Bermuda's and sunglasses in anticipation of your company-paid, tropical vacation.

Oh, and those bonus checks? Six Digits!!!

Jackie Ulmer is a successful Home Business Owner, and has coached thousands of representatives both inside and outside of her sales organization. Her free newsletter is available through email at She can be reached through her web site at

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