Any Experience Can Change Your Life

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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The second amazing restaurant experience I had was at a place called, ‘Moroccan Soup Bar’ (Check reviews on Google). They also serve a vegetarian-only cuisine menu, which after going back to several times is easily one ofrepparttar tastiest I have ever eaten in my life. Back when I used to eat meat everyday I thought that vegetables were boring, boy was I wrong! The textures, vast array of flavors, and multiple ingredients are tantalizing to all taste buds that I have taken with me to share in this ‘holy’ experience.

The particular evening in question saw my girlfriend and I arriving late and subsequently beingrepparttar 151134 last people eating. Earlier on inrepparttar 151135 nightrepparttar 151136 owner, an Islamic woman, had sat down atrepparttar 151137 table next to us with a few customers who were obviously regulars or friends. When she mentionedrepparttar 151138 film, ‘Whatrepparttar 151139 bleep do we know?’ I had to interject, as I felt I was one ofrepparttar 151140 few people around who sawrepparttar 151141 film and had also thoughtrepparttar 151142 movie to be quite interesting. She was saying that not many people were inrepparttar 151143 theater compared torepparttar 151144 mainstream stories like ‘Batman’ or ‘Star Wars’ and was wondering why more weren’t interested in real life as opposed to human created narratives. Atrepparttar 151145 end ofrepparttar 151146 night she came and sat down at our table to discuss what we did and didn’t like aboutrepparttar 151147 film.

The conversation flowed naturally about aspects of life such as science, spirituality, religion, and human relationships. She said that earlier that day she had gone on an excursion with a group of Islamic women and Jewish women to a Mikvah (a Jewish women’s’ bathing ritual), which she had organized. She said that at firstrepparttar 151148 Islamic group were quite reluctant to go, but after they had went and metrepparttar 151149 Jewish women, none of either group wanted to leave. They’d all enjoyedrepparttar 151150 connection so much thatrepparttar 151151 Jewish women were planning to visitrepparttar 151152 Islamic group at one of their religious ceremonies. Of course I thought this was great givenrepparttar 151153 turbulent political climate in Israel and Palestine.

I haven’t even gotten torepparttar 151154 really cool part ofrepparttar 151155 story yet. When I went up to pay forrepparttar 151156 meal I gaverepparttar 151157 womanrepparttar 151158 thirty dollars (very cheap forrepparttar 151159 quality and quantity ofrepparttar 151160 food) and she handed me back fifteen bucks. Quite surprised, she then went on to tell me that on some nights she would give patrons half ofrepparttar 151161 price ofrepparttar 151162 meal back if they would do her a little favor. I asked her what it was and she told me that I would have to giverepparttar 151163 money to someone who I felt really needed or deserved it. This just blew both my girlfriend’s and my own minds! The lady said that she believed 90% ofrepparttar 151164 people went through with this generous task, and that she simply hoped that it might affect some of our beliefs about humanity andrepparttar 151165 interrelatedness of all people on planet Earth.

My girlfriend and I have been contemplating child sponsorship for a while so we tookrepparttar 151166 fifteen dollars and used it towards our first monthly payment to Plan International It just proves how powerful one humble, anonymous person can be in making a difference torepparttar 151167 world, as well as to people’s perceptions of reality. It is true that every moment is a chance to learn from what’s around us inrepparttar 151168 world, as well as an opportunity to share knowledge with others by incorporating our new beliefs into our own actions and behaviors.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer is a simple human being who loves to see the great generosity that some people have for their fellow planetary family members.

The Emancipation Proclamation Lie

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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When General Fremont freedrepparttar slaves in Missouri he was upbraided by Lincoln and rather than telling lies about Lincoln freeing slaves I thinkrepparttar 150615 schools and Immigration Department should have people readrepparttar 150616 Lincoln-Douglas debates where he makes it clear that he is a racist. I know some people try to say Fremont did not freerepparttar 150617 slaves so I will give you a quote from people I agree with and a link torepparttar 150618 information you might want to check into.

“’The property, real and personal, of all persons inrepparttar 150619 State of Missouri who shall take up arms againstrepparttar 150620 United States, and who shall be directly proven to have taken active part with their enemies inrepparttar 150621 field, is declared to be confiscated torepparttar 150622 public use, and their slaves, if they have any, are hereby declared free.’

It has been stated by some ofrepparttar 150623 papers that in thus pronouncingrepparttar 150624 emancipation ofrepparttar 150625 slaves of rebels General Fremont was only carrying outrepparttar 150626 Act known asrepparttar 150627 Confiscating Act passed by Congress atrepparttar 150628 extra session. An examination of that act will, however, show that its provisions do not warrantrepparttar 150629 step taken byrepparttar 150630 General.” (1)

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