AntiVirus Warning

Written by Dawn Gray

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They claimrepparttar little box does nothing Windows doesn't already and slows your computer down 10%! (I believe them. I remember how much faster repparttar 132128 computers were before we loaded it, and my computer at home has been fine without it.)

4. "Internet Explorer (IE) won't work!"

This was my big problem for over a year. It started (coincidentally) aboutrepparttar 132129 same time I loaded Netscape 4.7. I've heard of other people having problems with Netscape and IE onrepparttar 132130 same computer, so I assumed Netscape wasrepparttar 132131 problem.

I tried installing Netscape and re-installing it. I tried uninstalling IE and re-installing it. Nothing worked.

Sunday night, my antivirus program (Aladdin's E- Safe Desktop) gave me an error when IE accidentally popped up. I unloadedrepparttar 132132 program, and IE started to work! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I uninstalledrepparttar 132133 program and now IE works fine.

IE has ActiveX, a language that has been found capable of delivering viruses, and Microsoft is constantly using it to send update information to users. My virus protection software shut down repparttar 132134 program for my computer's own good!

5. "What about McAfee?"

Well, maybe McAfee is better. It's been working okay on my computer for about a week now. However, I've heard horror stories about them from some of my subscribers as well! Inrepparttar 132135 past, I've had problems with updates.

"There's always hope!"

I polled my subscribers aboutrepparttar 132136 best antivirus solutions, and Trend Software's PC-Cillan won. You can download their software (priced competitively with Norton's AntiVirus and McAfee's Virus Shield at

One subscriber also recommended a free solution: AVG anti-virus from

Good luck!

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How to fight Cyberterrorism

Written by Godfrey Heron

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Firewalls screen all communications to a system, including e-mail messages, which may carry logic bombs. The term "firewall" is a relatively generic term for methods of filtering access to a network. They may come inrepparttar form of a computer, router or other communications device, or in repparttar 132127 form of a network configuration.

The services and access that are permitted to each user are defined by firewalls. One method is to screen user requests to check if they come from a previously defined domain or Internet Protocol (IP) address. Another method is to prohibit Telnet access intorepparttar 132128 system.

Here are a few key things to remember in order to protect yourself from Cyberterrorism:

i. All accounts should have passwords andrepparttar 132129 passwords should be unusual, difficult to guess, and alphanumeric where possible.

ii. Changerepparttar 132130 network configuration when defects become known.

iii. Check with venders for upgrades and patches. iv. Audit systems and check logs to help in detecting and tracing an intruder.

v. If you are ever unsure aboutrepparttar 132131 safety of a site, or receive suspicious email from an unknown address, don't access it. It could be trouble.


There are software companies that create products designed to trace exactly where anyone connecting to your network is coming from. Giving you detailed information onrepparttar 132132 registered owner's name, address, etc. Greater possibility of detection always reducesrepparttar 132133 incidence of crime.


Click here: for a suite of online services which combine a number of protection strategies.

Today's commercial off-the-shelf software is riddled with holes. Microsoft products in particular, seem to be targeted. A recent Gartner Group report strongly suggests that changing from Microsoft's Internet Server would be a positive step. Software makers should design more secure products, which should be shipped to consumers pre-configured with high security settings. Such efforts will probably mean higher costs and slower progress inrepparttar 132134 short term but will pay off inrepparttar 132135 long term.

There are no foolproof ways to protect a system, as completely secure system can never be accessed by anyone. Your organization's classified information can be kept on machines with no outside (internet/intranet) connection, as a form of prevention of Cyberterrorism. Inrepparttar 132136 end,repparttar 132137 onus of fighting Cyberterrorism is really on each company or organization. The cost to protect your data will be a small fraction of what will be lost if your information systems are attacked or accidentally damaged.

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