Anti-Spam Two Step for Webmasters

Written by Thomas Benton

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Now, just because you've scrambled your email address, that doesn't keep all spammers from sending email to you. Some will just use something like *anything* because they understand that most websites have email forwarding. Anything that is emailed to your domain will be forwarded to an email address you specified.

You never have to see this email if you forward it to another email address that automatically deletes it.

You will need a free email account that offers some simple anti-spam features to use as your *dump account*.

You must be able to designate email addresses from which you will not accept any email. You may already have an account that can handle it. If not, look into or

Then make your free email dump accountrepparttar default forwarding address in your website's email handler. Go to your free email account and set it to reject all mail received from YOUR domain.

Then have email that is sent to your published email addresses (those you have scrambled on your site) forwarded to your normal forwarding address. Or, set them up as individual POP accounts if your hosting service offers this feature.

Now you will receive email from your website visitors who actually read your email address on your website and all other email will be deleted.

This is a very effective way to get rid of most spam that is generated from your domain. It won't eliminate all of it. The volume of spam that I was receiving decreased by 90-95% after I made these changes.

This tactic will work for sites that have been online with an unprotected email address too. Changerepparttar 132740 email address on your site to a different scrambled address. Forward all email that is sent to your old posted address to your dump account.

If you've been using your primary email address on your site, you'll need to notify everyone that your email address has changed. This makes it more difficult, but worthrepparttar 132741 effort if you're being slammed with spam.

Thomas Benton is the owner of and the publisher of Active-eBuilder, The Do-It-Yourself Web Design and Internet Marketing Ezine. Visit Tom's resource-rich website:

New Spam Prevention Product that Works!

Written by Lee Traupel

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DigiPortal is effectively acting as a trusted middleman in a process that reminds me of PGP (“Pretty Good Privacy”)repparttar defacto industry standard e-mail security application that incorporates a similar process via a key held by a trusted third party. Your ostensibly guaranteed never to receive any Spam based e-mail as spammers will never receive your e-mail, let alone reply to it – most use automated systems that have no human intervention inrepparttar 132738 process. It’s relatively painless for you to manage new contacts - if your receiving in-bound e-mails from a new a person (contact) that you have no existing relationship with it’s easy to accept his/her request to reach you andrepparttar 132739 software also automatically updates your permission list.

ChoiceMail is an elegant solution that works well, is easy to use and solves a problem very cost effectively. There are a few hiccups withrepparttar 132740 software – but, these are minor when you considerrepparttar 132741 significant benefits ofrepparttar 132742 product and assumingrepparttar 132743 company will broaden its support for other applications inrepparttar 132744 near term. At present DigiPortal only works with standard ISPs such as Earthlink, ATT, etc. and with specific desktop clients including Outlook Express and Eudora – no web-based e-mail services (HotMail or Yahoo mail) work withrepparttar 132745 software yet and there is no support for AOL at present. My biggest complaint is that they don’t support a standard Outlook e-mail - you have to manually import your contact list from Outlook, which can be painstaking depending onrepparttar 132746 number of recipients in your address book. And, their initial focus is onrepparttar 132747 small business user or consumer, as they offer no support at present forrepparttar 132748 corporate enterprise.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of business development and marketing experience - he is the founder of Intelective Communications,Inc., a marketing services company. Reprinted with permission from Intelective Communications - this article may be reprinted freely, providing this attribution box remains intact.

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