Answers Count - Matching Keyword and Phrase Density

Written by Don Osborne

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The key to your business success is combining everybody’s answers and countingrepparttar density of repetitive keywords and phrases to help you craft your products and services into search engine friendly content pages you can use to build your opt-in list, make a sale, generate pay-per-click revenue or leverage affiliate income opportunities. "Learn & Do" Action Steps: 1. Design your questions for open-ended response. 2. Countrepparttar 145801 number of repetitive keywords and phrases. 3. Build your page content around keywords and phrase density. 4. Set up your lead in ads to match your keywords and phrase density. 5. Create links to non-competitive offerings with matching keywords and phrases.

Don Osborne is the Author/Publisher of THE PROFIT PUZZLE, an ideal business tool for anyone thinking about, planning, starting, running or growing a small or home-based business:

Why Google Indexing requires a complex blend of skills

Written by John Fowler

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which is OK for website design. This skill takes lots of time and experience to

develop, and just when you think you have cracked it,repparttar search engine companies

changerepparttar 145800 algorithms used to calculate how high your site will appear inrepparttar 145801

search results.

This is no place for evenrepparttar 145802 most enthusiastic amateur. Results need to be

constantly monitored, pieces of code added or removed, and a check kept on what

the competition are doing. Many people who design their own website feel they

will get searched because it looks good, and totally miss out this step. Without

a strong technical understanding of how spiderbots work, you will always struggle

to get your company onrepparttar 145803 first results page in Google.

Thirdly, I suggested that copy writing is a skill in its own right. This isrepparttar 145804

writing ofrepparttar 145805 actual text that people coming to your site will read. The

Googlebot and other spiderbots like Inktomi, love text – but only when written

well in proper English. Some people try to stuff their site with keywords, while

others put white writing on white space (so spiderbots can see it but humans


Spiderbots are very sophisticated and not only will not fall for these tricks,

they may actively penalise your site – in Google terms, this is sandboxing.

Google takes new sites and “naughty” sites and effectively sin-bins them for 3-6

months, you can still be found but not until results page 14 – really useful! As

well as good English,repparttar 145806 spiderbots are also readingrepparttar 145807 HTML code, sorepparttar 145808 copy

writer also needs an appreciation ofrepparttar 145809 interplay betweenrepparttar 145810 two. My

recommendation for anyone copy writing their own site is to write normal,

well-constructed English sentences that can be read by machine and human alike.

The final skill is marketing, after all this is what we are doing – marketing you

site and hence company and products/services onrepparttar 145811 Web. The key here is to set

the site up to be accessible torepparttar 145812 searches that will provide most business to

you. I have seen many sites that can be found as you key inrepparttar 145813 company name.

Others that can be found by keying in “Accountant Manchester North-West England”,

which is great, except no-one ever actually does that search. Sorepparttar 145814 marketing

skill requires knowledge of a company’s business, what they are really trying to

sell and an understanding of what actual searches may provide dividends.

I hope you will see that professional Search Engine Optimisation companies need

more than a bit of web design to improve your business. Make sure anyone you

choose for SEO work can cover allrepparttar 145815 bases.

John Fowler trained as a Mathematican and has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years, much of the time in sales related functions. He now spends his time between being a partner in SEO Gurus and as a sales and management trainer for ICT companies. John can be contacted via

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