Another 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

Written by Kim Standerline

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Avoid soft squishy armchairs, they may look comfortable and inviting, but in reality they are not. They hold your back in a rounded position with no support which can after a short period of time cause severe back pain, aching and stiffness.

Check your shoes; women who suffer back pain should never wear high heels as they tiprepparttar lower part of their body forward. They then archrepparttar 146839 upper part of their body to compensate which adds stress to their back. Cushioned soles and heels or shock absorbing insoles are good as they reducerepparttar 146840 shock torepparttar 146841 spine when walking or running.

Driving your car can be a real pain inrepparttar 146842 back especially if you drive for long periods of time. Seats are very often poorly designed and don't holdrepparttar 146843 spine in a natural position. Some sports cars for instance are super to look at, but a real pain to drive.

Learn to lift properly. Many back problems develop over a period of time and are due to incorrect lifting techniques. They frequently arise when lifting loads is combined with bending forwards and twistingrepparttar 146844 spine.

Keep as fit as you can. Many cases of back pain are caused byrepparttar 146845 unhealthy lifestyles led by many people. Try walking or swimming, take a class in Pilates (Excellent for strengthening your back). Making a determined effort to improve your fitness levels can work wonders for your health and reduce your back pain.

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Headache Facts

Written by je Dunn

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And you know what that is?

Headaches are largely preventable. Of course there are a lot of cures available overrepparttar counter now but do we really have to wait forrepparttar 146827 headache to start to resort to treatment? Isn't prevention better than cure? Isn't it better to be proactive than reactive?

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