Announce It- or Not!

Written by Terri Seymour

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Some of these addys may no longer be active. If you find several dead ones, feel free to email me for some alternate addresses.

Now for getting set up. What you want to do is get a financial notebook that hasrepparttar five columns. Inrepparttar 125038 title area, you will writerepparttar 125039 name ofrepparttar 125040 list andrepparttar 125041 main guidelines, such as no urls and post once a week. This is for a reminder. Inrepparttar 125042 first column header writerepparttar 125043 month and year, May-01. Inrepparttar 125044 next five column headings write Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5.

The next step is to readrepparttar 125045 guidelines for each list and write an appropriate ad or announcement. When you have finished each ad, address it and save it to your announcement lists folder. When you complete an ad for each list, save it to disk also. As soon as allrepparttar 125046 ads are finished, you can then send them out. What I do is separate them throughoutrepparttar 125047 week, so I have about 10 - 20 that get mailed each day.

Once your folder and your date book are set up, all you have to do is open your book, go through each list to see which ones you mail out on that particular day and then open that message up then click and send. You would then write in your date book underrepparttar 125048 appropriate week,repparttar 125049 day and date, Wed. 22.

You follow this procedure each day and it will only take minutes to send out all your announcements. I would do this every other week. You also might want to update your ads every so often. I have found that this method is very effective and it could be for you as well.

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5 Handy Dandy Ways to Promote Your Website

Written by Lisa M. Cope

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3. Autoresponders Work Wonders.

Aweber and Get Response do this allrepparttar time. You get a free auto-responder they get to put their ad inside. So instead of just swapping ads trade auto-responder ads with other businesses. If both of you send out information with auto-responders just exchange a small classified ad to put atrepparttar 125037 bottom or top of each other's auto-responder message. This would work great with email courses too.

4 We all Need Good Content.

You need fresh content for your ezine or website why not exchange content with other web sites and newsletters. You could swap articles, tips, ect. You both include a resource box or a link atrepparttar 125038 end ofrepparttar 125039 content. And both of you get more exposure.

5. Everyone Loves a Hot Tip.

So share yours daily, weekly whenever you can. You can offer them in a newsletter on a tip sheet or record them on your voice mail. Try you can get a free voice mail account to get you going.

You can even have your tips syndicated. Try Just imagine your insightful information spreading all overrepparttar 125040 web!

Try to keeprepparttar 125041 tips relevant to your business. Include a link to your web site or business inrepparttar 125042 mix and you have got it made.

The whole idea is to promote your business without blowing your budget. These simple ideas are justrepparttar 125043 start. Take then, improve on them add your own special twist. The possibilities are endless! Nowrepparttar 125044 only thing you need to do is go find partners. I'm always looking. :)

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