Anklets Ahoy!

Written by Fadwa Qasem

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Indian poets were inspired to picturerepparttar movements ofrepparttar 149273 lover's dance andrepparttar 149274 jingling ofrepparttar 149275 bells on her anklets as seductive and bewitching. The idea being thatrepparttar 149276 woman has adorned herself seductively in anticipation of a meeting with a secret lover. The classical Indian dance also concentrates onrepparttar 149277 dancer's rhythmic footwork, particularlyrepparttar 149278 elaborately detailed positioning of her feet in relation torepparttar 149279 ground. The overall effect is ever so subtle, sensuous & erotic. But, I also read aboutrepparttar 149280 practical effects ofrepparttar 149281 anklets with foot bells. One is that in some tribes' husbands give their wives these anklets in order to frighten snakes away. Then again, I also read thatrepparttar 149282 husbands give their wives anklets with bells so that they can keep an "ear" on them, should they "dance" out of range!! Fadwa Al Qasem Jewelry Designer (

My specialty is chokers. My concept: painting with beads. With semiprecious stones, Venetian style, lamp, & faceted crystals/beads, I create limited edition pieces. After spending much time studying beads & bead history, I discovered that glass beads have an auspicious background just like diamonds, pearls, & semiprecious stones. Inspired by this & by many pleasures in life, I design individual chokers that each have a name, a character, a story.

The Real Estate Bubble-when Will It Burst?

Written by Nicole Soltau

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While diversity is always a good idea and placing all of your investment funds in one vehicle, such as real estate, is never a good idea; there is reason to believe thatrepparttar real estate bubble inrepparttar 149218 US is not about to end any time soon. This is true for a wide variety of reasons. First, simply supply and demand. Mark Twain once suggested investing in real estate because as he intimated, they simply arenít making any more of it. What we have is all we have and when there is a strong enough demand; it can be quite valuable. Individuals and families are looking for safe, secure and affordable housing; however there is a dangerous shortage of this commodity. This isrepparttar 149219 primary reasons why flipping real estate has become almost a national hobby. It pays and it pays well.

Under ideal circumstances, an investor can purchase a property with financing fromrepparttar 149220 credit union, provide a model renovation and then resellrepparttar 149221 property with a return of around 15-20% on their investment. This may occur anywhere between 3-6 months fromrepparttar 149222 initial purchase date. Not bad. Professional investors have also learned how to tap intorepparttar 149223 huge profit potential of foreclosed homes, which they able to be purchased for under market value and then flipped for an even larger profit.

As with any type of investment, one ofrepparttar 149224 keys to investing in real estate is in understanding when to sell. Holding a piece of property is rarely inrepparttar 149225 financial best interest ofrepparttar 149226 investor. Some investors have found that a mixed strategy of holding and selling works well to provide income returns; howeverrepparttar 149227 best strategy in real estate investment remains flipping on short term projects to maximize profit potentials and reduce risks.

Nicole Soltau is the President and Founder of The Leading Credit Union Directory. Search, Find, Join.

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