Animal Behavior: What is My Dog Saying?

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/Lady Camelot

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Another body language sign to look for is inrepparttar ears. When a dog's ears are back and flat against their skull, this can mean one of two things: 1) If accompanied by a full-body tail wag, they're happy to see you, or 2) if coupled with their tail between their legs, they're afraid.

One animal behavior that many folks despise isrepparttar 125414 chewing and destruction of personal belongings. This, too is animal speech. What most humans don't know is that aside fromrepparttar 125415 destruction of personal property, dogs tend to chew things from their people owners, whom they likerepparttar 125416 most. Yes, I said, "whom they likerepparttar 125417 most." Dogs are fairly picky when it comes to chewing shoes, clothing, etc. When there are more persons in a household, dogs will specifically seek out personal items of people that they consider to be their master. Although this is notrepparttar 125418 nicest trait of animals, just remember that when you're scolding Rex that he only did it because he loves you.

In closing, dogs arerepparttar 125419 most telepathic lifeforms on earth. When you feel sad, they feel sad with you. When you are angry, they try to disolverepparttar 125420 situation with their loving and pawing. When you're happy, they feel your happiness with you. Observe your animals, they are picking up on your emotions more than you may think. And always, love your animals - they're here only a little while...perhaps to teach usrepparttar 125421 most vital communication skill inrepparttar 125422 world -repparttar 125423 ability to listen.

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Romantic Gifts to buy for Men

Written by Matthew Seigneur

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What about music? Everyone loves music. And your man is no different, there are some romantic CDís that he would really enjoying listening to with you at his side. Choose from his favorite music artists to give him a romantic gift he will not forget.

Jewelry can also be a romantic gift if you have it engraved with a special date or message of love. This can be an endearing gift that your man will really appreciate. A bracelet or even a watch that marks a special date in your relationship would be a gift that your man would wear with pride.

Many restaurant offer quiet romantic dinners that your man would enjoy as a romantic gift, just plan an activity after dinner that puts himrepparttar center of attention. Maybe you could plan a massage or going to a movie that you know he would love and has been wanting to see. Just make sure that he can order his favorite foods atrepparttar 125413 restaurant, this way you both get pampered forrepparttar 125414 evening.

What ever you plan for this romantic gift be sure that you make himrepparttar 125415 center of attention and please him. Whether you decide to make his special dinner, breakfast, or whether you plan on catering to his every day forrepparttar 125416 entire weekend he will sure know that you plannedrepparttar 125417 best romantic gift for him, your man. You will get your reward, he will also be spending time with you and enjoying every minute of it.What kind of romantic gift can I find for my special man?

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