Angel Park, Las Vegasí Heavenly Golf Course

Written by Mel Barosay

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Duffer DVDsLakes, sand traps and desert landscaped ravines lace most ofrepparttar holes ofrepparttar 139393 Mountain Course with many ofrepparttar 139394 animal residents such as rabbits to name a few, enjoyingrepparttar 139395 natural surroundings. Although it is not referred to as a "target-style" golf course, many ofrepparttar 139396 characteristics of target golf are apparent. This keepsrepparttar 139397 golfer focused on maintaining straight and long drives, rewarded by short to medium approach shots to reachrepparttar 139398 greens in regulation. Hole #11, a short par three, 133-yard test over a small gully is a fun hole for golfers of all levels. Although it is short andrepparttar 139399 green is approximatelyrepparttar 139400 same elevation asrepparttar 139401 tee box, hitting your ball overrepparttar 139402 vastness ofrepparttar 139403 stark gully to a small target area is quite thrilling. Here,repparttar 139404 green is short in depth and long in width. Pin placement to either side ofrepparttar 139405 green can make for long and temperamental putts. Here,repparttar 139406 golfer deserves recognition for a par!

The use of all golf clubs inrepparttar 139407 bag is needed onrepparttar 139408 Mountain Course, including ball flight approaches fromrepparttar 139409 left and right. The course will test more ofrepparttar 139410 one's ability than time can usually allow for practicing. The signature hole ofrepparttar 139411 course is hole #17, a par five, 529-yarder which requires low and high handicappers alike to lay-up their drives beforerepparttar 139412 large, barranca-like ravine begins its extent some 180 yards across.

Onrepparttar 139413 second shot which is probably a fairway wood, and before allowing your ball to land safely onrepparttar 139414 other side ofrepparttar 139415 fairway, remember to stay torepparttar 139416 furthest right as possible sorepparttar 139417 steep angles and tilting land cannot swallow a good shot! All arrant golf shots inrepparttar 139418 arroyo-like ravines are a one-stroke penalty, whether or not you find your ball. The fairways are beautifully manicured andrepparttar 139419 roughs are fair, allowingrepparttar 139420 golfer some gratitude, but not completely. Much ofrepparttar 139421 rough can reside on severe angles too. Although they are usually cut to allowrepparttar 139422 club good access torepparttar 139423 ball, many shots fromrepparttar 139424 rough are positioned on slopes which makes forrepparttar 139425 calculation of a draw and fade ever so more important.

Angel Park is considered a heavily played facility and it is open seven days a week. It is one ofrepparttar 139426 most popular golf destinations inrepparttar 139427 area for both locals and tourists alike. The green fees are very reasonable for locals ($50.00) who do not need to wait for afternoon rates like other quality Las Vegas golf settings.

The Angel Park Golf Facility is managed by OB Sports Golf Management andrepparttar 139428 staff are professional in offeringrepparttar 139429 best in tournaments, group events and corporate outings, including PGA-accredited instructional programs, catering, tournament scoring and tee prizes. The Golf Shop carries a wide selection of name-brand equipment, apparel and accessories. Regularly For more than 30 years, Nicklaus courses have covered nearly every continent, creatingrepparttar 139430 name and reputation of excellence among great golf course architects. In 2001, Jack was recognized with three national awards related to his golf course design work, and in

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Fishing on Your Pontoon Boat

Written by Thomas Holley

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It is also easy to fish while on a pontoon boat with others who wish to engage in other activities about onrepparttar boat. Pontoon boats are often separated into several different sections, so that a section can be devoted solely to fishing, while another section be reserved for others to play games, dine, or participate in other activities away from whererepparttar 139392 fishing is occurring.

If you use your pontoon boat as a fishing vessel frequently you may want to outfitrepparttar 139393 boats with accessories, catered to your fishing style. You can purchase special holders for your fishing rod to attach to your favorite space, as well as a variety of other accessories to accent your pontoon boat and enhance your fishing experience such as custom seats. No matter what your style, a pontoon boat can help turn a day of fishing into a spectacular experience.

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