And then My Boss said, Take that Fear and Shove it!

Written by Richard Vegas

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He learned that fear could be a destructive emotion. So destructive that it could paralyzerepparttar biggest of men. Success is achieved by those who try. If there is nothing significant to lose by trying and a lot to gain by trying, by all means, try.

And,repparttar 117490 emotion of fear will be neutralized as you begin to try. Not as you sit on your rear eating that pork barrel full of ice cream and wish and hope.

Another illustration from my personal experience. Many of you know I am a recording artist and my passion is music. People allrepparttar 117491 time think that "some" people are just gifted to sing and perform. If they only knew. When I first started singing, I would go to night clubs that sponsored karaoke or open mic nights and sing.

When I first started, I would sit in my seat hopingrepparttar 117492 DJ would lose my slip of paper with my name on it so he couldn't call me up there. Of course, no one else knew this. Ha! After I would sing one song,repparttar 117493 back of my neck would be dripping with perspiration after only a 3 minute song. Just from nervousness. I felt like a long tailed cat in a dark room full of rocking chairs.

The more I did this,repparttar 117494 less nervousness I had. Then one day, no more perspiration. What neutralizedrepparttar 117495 fear? Action. I learnedrepparttar 117496 emotion of fear was not subject to reason. I reasoned there was no need to be afraid. I mean it was not like I was facing a firing squad; no one was about to shoot me. Or, make ME eat that pork barrel full of ice cream. I had NO reason to be afraid. But,repparttar 117497 fear was still there.

So, I learned an important psychological principle. Fear is not subject to reason, but it is subject to action. When your thoughts will not rid you of an undesirable emotion, action will. I found out I could talk to myself till I was wacky, and could not talk awayrepparttar 117498 fear. It just doesn't work like that. I learned that fear was not conducive to giving my best performance.

So Homer, Sing to Win they said!!

Inrepparttar 117499 very highly competitive game of Internet Marketing you play according torepparttar 117500 rules, and you must not violaterepparttar 117501 standards of net-etiquette. To do so, will brand you a scammer, and a spammer, and who knows what else, maybe a jackass.

You become a success at whatever you're doing in this game by trying, and trying, and keep on trying. Then eventually work is fun, life is worth living, and you begin attracting like a magnet all you desire including money. Money is NOT attracted to negative behavior.

Richard Vegas 2002

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Richard Vegas is a Popular Recording Artist and Internet Marketing Professional running his two full-time businesses from home. He specializes in teaching people how to discover their passion and make money from it on the internet. Richard fondly likes to comment, he hasn't had a real job in 20 years because there is no security in it. He has recorded two albums and weekly keeps in touch by email with hundreds fans and customers.

Going Mobile (Part 3): Finding the 'Perfect' Wireless Phone

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

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* We're all familiar with Caller ID. Well, some wireless phones include something called Picture ID, which allows you to associate your caller's picture with his or her number.

Once you have submitted your selections, PhoneScoop's search engine will give you back a list of phones that meet your criteria, and which carriers are likely to offer them. Now your real fun begins -- trying to actually *find* these models and getrepparttar best price.

Do go to your preferred carrier's store to see and holdrepparttar 117489 models you are interested in. A salesperson may even be helpful and knowledgeable aboutrepparttar 117490 phone's features (but don't count on it!)

But before you sign, be sure you also visit your carrier's website - many offer deals for those who order their service online, which could result in some significant savings.

Note thatrepparttar 117491 cool models suggested by Phonescoop may cost you a pretty penny atrepparttar 117492 dealer. Here is a sample of what you're likely to find for $50 and under at this writing:

** Nokia 3395: Has alarm, calculator, currency converter, can accept custom faceplates, includes 35 ringtones and repparttar 117493 capacity to download 20 more plus a ringtone composer, five games, text messaging, voice dialing and wireless Internet. Battery life nearly four hours, seven days standby. (Free from Cingular Wireless)

** Motorola T193: Alarm, calculator, calendar, custom faceplates, 11 ringtones, one game, a headset jack, wireless internet using high speed data technology, and text messaging. Battery Life is four hours, four days standby. (Free from T-Mobile)

** Kyocera KWC 2235: Has alarm, calculator, 25 ringtones plus you can customize them using Kyocera desktop software, high speed wireless internet capability, four games, headset jack, text messaging, voice dialing and voice memo. Battery life is just under four hours, six days standby. ($49.99 from Verizon)

** Samsung SPH-N240: Has alarms, calculator, calendar, to-do list, two games, GPS, headset jack, 20 builtin polyphonic ringtones, voice dialing. Battery Life is just two hours, eight days standby. ($49.99 if purchased online with new service by Sprint)

So that's what you can get for nearly free. How much more can you have if you're willing to shell out $100-$400?

Let's look at one ofrepparttar 117494 most popular phones onrepparttar 117495 market right now:repparttar 117496 Motorola v60.

The v60 is a clamshell-type phone with a second display feature onrepparttar 117497 front cover, which allows you to see who's calling without first openingrepparttar 117498 phone. (Convenient if you're screening your calls.) You can customize its look with replaceable front and back covers -- one of several accessories which make this modelrepparttar 117499 love of wireless phone junkies everywhere. These include an FM stereo headset and MP3 player as well as a nifty handsfree car kit.

Other built-in phone features include an alarm, calculator, calendar, games, text messaging, voice dialing, voice memo, and wireless internet capability. Battery life is four hours talk and up to 10 days standby.

Almost every carrier in my area offers a version ofrepparttar 117500 v60 with prices varying from $199 to $299 -- for NEW customers. Depending onrepparttar 117501 carrier, existing customers may have to pay close torepparttar 117502 retail price of $379 (listed on Motorola's website for purchases without new activation of a plan).

For some inexplicable reason, once your contract ends and you decide to upgrade to a newer phone, many ofrepparttar 117503 carriers will charge you retail - even if you re-up with a new two-year contract. In my opinion, this is a great way to encourage your long-time customers to switch service providers.

Butrepparttar 117504 bottom line is: arerepparttar 117505 extra features inrepparttar 117506 "premium" models enough to warrant payingrepparttar 117507 extra money? The description ofrepparttar 117508 Motorola v60 above doesn't differ all that much from that of another Motorola model,repparttar 117509 T193, which one carrier is *giving away* to new customers. In fact, it's got just about every feature most home-based entrepreneurs would need.

With mobile phones, you may not be able to have it all... but by doing your homework and careful comparisons, you can come close -- and save money to boot. Which is better music to my ears than any old ringtone!

Donna Schwartz Mills writes about the specific needs of work at home parents at her website, The ParentPreneur Club, "For Parents Who Want Choices, Not Office Politics." Tools, tips and advice you need to help grow your home based business while raising a family. < >

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