And The Award For The Best-Pulling Ad Goes To...

Written by Paula Morrow

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So, these are some ofrepparttar good ad elements. For ads that didn't fare so well,repparttar 100983 Juniper survey found that many includedrepparttar 100984 following.

And The Raspberry Award Goes To Ads That...

*Presentedrepparttar 100985 information as a pop-up box. Now, pop-up effectiveness continues to be debated. Inrepparttar 100986 survey, 69% considered pop-ups a negative, calling them annoying and intrusive; just too aggressive.

Within this 69%, 25% stated that they would avoid sites they knew featured pop-ups inrepparttar 100987 future.

Yet, onrepparttar 100988 flip side, there are those successful marketers who firmly insist that pop-ups are an effective way to present an offer; that people respond to them.

The only way to determine if pop-ups work for you is to track how your prospects and customers respond to them. If people don't sign up for free information offered on pop-up pages, if traffic goes down, reconsider their use.

If, however, people sign up forrepparttar 100989 information displayed, and traffic numbers remain stable, thenrepparttar 100990 pop-ups aren't hurting business.

Always test and customize based on your own situation.

*Combined many products in an offer, leading to information overload and confusion.

*Forgot their target audience. If you're marketing to corporate business owners, presenting an ad in a 'fun' contest format won't work. However, if your target is younger, a contest or game-type ad might be very effective.

Keepingrepparttar 100991 above tips in mind will help ensure that your ads are readily received...not automatically deleted!

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Are You Wasting Your Time With Free Ezine Ads?

Written by Michael Hopkins

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STEP 6. For those ezines which give you a one-off ad, it's time to re-assess their value to you. If you don't findrepparttar content useful or interesting, you should unsubscribe rather than let it clog up your 'free_ezine_ads' folder.

Remember, though, ifrepparttar 100982 ad in that ezine drew a good response from its readers, you can always check out their advertising rates and see if it's worth paying a few dollars to place your ad again (or, if you're sneaky, you could try re-subscribing at a later date and doing it again, making some changes to disguise your wicked deception:-)

STEP 7. For those ezines that allow free ads on a regular basis, make a list of allrepparttar 100983 submission deadlines and make it part of your regular marketing routine to check that list and see if you're due to place an ad.

Finally, as you continue placing regular ads with those ezines, be sure to continue measuring their effectiveness. In many cases you'll appear inrepparttar 100984 middle of 20 other ads, so it may not bring in much of a response rate.

Likewise,repparttar 100985 response rate from each ezine is likely to drop off over time -- especially if you don't vary your ads.

Decide for yourself whether it's worth your while continuing and be sure to try out different ads to see which ones work best with that readership.

And there you have it, a pretty straightforward approach to keeping on top of things when it comes to free ezine advertising.

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