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Written by Laura Bergells

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At this point, many sales people give a yelp of protest at this advice. They want to dive right into their product and services, and fire up their “All About Us” presentations right away!


But if you want to develop a long-term relationship, slow down! Give it some thought! By telling a new prospect that you’ve listened to what they said and that you want to think about it, you’re showing them that you respect their ideas. That’s flattering stuff. And by asking for a second meeting, you’ve also assumedrepparttar close. In this case,repparttar 145760 close is simply a second meeting.


And of course, your prospects will definitely want to talk to you again! Everyone loves a good listener. Plus, your new prospects will want to hearrepparttar 145761 big payoff from investing in their first meeting with you. And guess what? By slowing things down, you’ve favorably predisposed your prospects into liking what you have to say. Why? Because if they’re busy, they’re thinking subconsciously, “Now, why am I meeting with this person again? I know,repparttar 145762 pastries are good, but that’s notrepparttar 145763 real reason, although I sure would like another one sometime soon. Oh, I know why -- it’s probably because I like this person. I’m sure I’ll like her products, too.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have agreed to meet with her again!”


So ask for a second meeting and go home. Go back to your office. Armed withrepparttar 145764 information you’ve gleaned from careful questioning and listening to your prospects’ concerns, you can custom-build a PowerPoint conversation that’s “All About Them”. This is way more effective thanrepparttar 145765 typical “All About Us” presentation.


And remember, Grandma didn’t have any use for bullet points! Bullets are for shooting people, and pointing is bad manners! So when you develop your PowerPoint conversation, remember what Grandma really loved: relevant, entertaining, illustrative stories. Make sure you tell a few good stories to your client in every conversation. Bullets can injure and kill: but a good story can really help you sell!


Put it all together…  A little coffee, a little treat, a little conversation: that’srepparttar 145766 essence of beginning and developing an ongoing customer connection. A series of conversations over delightful treats can set a beautiful stage for building a long-term business or personal relationship. This approach is much better than plunking down a notebook computer filled with fancy graphics, animations, and sound effects. You may kid yourself that PowerPoint’s technical “eye candy” can takerepparttar 145767 place of Grandma’s penchant for telling entertaining stories over coffee and cake – but it isn’t.  You only get to build strong relationships over time, so put away your hard-sell PowerPoint presentation slides….and grab a cookie!

Laura Bergells is a writer, speaker, and internet marketing consultant from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Export to USA ........ Finding North American Importers and Distributors for Your Products

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This is why you must think about protectingrepparttar trademark of your products right fromrepparttar 145625 beginning. These days it is not uncommon to see pirate companies illegally copyingrepparttar 145626 trademark of recognized products withrepparttar 145627 intention of benefiting fromrepparttar 145628 established reputation of such products. In some cases such pirate companies could even try to register your trademark before you.

Registeringrepparttar 145629 trademark of your product inrepparttar 145630 United States is a low cost investment that guarantees yourepparttar 145631 possibility of exploiting your trademark's " built in " client base for a renewable ten-year period.

Help your business partners feel comfortable doing business with you.-

Those importers and distribution companies inrepparttar 145632 United States with whom you do business with, will feel more comfortable if they know that you have your product trademark properly registered inrepparttar 145633 USA. The reason why they rather have it this way, is because they would also be affected by a company that competes with them by illegally exploiting your trademark.

Don't let others steal your profits.-

Those fraudulent companies who feel tempted to copy your trademark will not necessarily have to be insiderepparttar 145634 USA. Their manufacturing operations could be located in other parts ofrepparttar 145635 world, possibly in Asia or in some corner of Latin America or Eastern Europe, and from there send their illegal products bearingrepparttar 145636 trademark of your company intorepparttar 145637 United States, affecting your sales and reputation with out you even noticing their actions.

That is why it is utterly important to seek protection for your trademark withrepparttar 145638 US Customs authority. Once your trademark is recorded withrepparttar 145639 US Customs, they will detain illegal shipments coming intorepparttar 145640 US either by sea, air or land, that illegally use your trademark for commercial purposes.

Secure your company's success.-

Having your trademark legally protected inrepparttar 145641 United States is without any doubt a low cost investment with a high benefit for your entrepreneurial future. Inrepparttar 145642 event that you decided to sell your entire company or just a part of it to an American company, by havingrepparttar 145643 trademark of your products protected you would be guaranteeing your self a more sharp and lucrative transaction. is proud to help you do business inrepparttar 145644 United States offering you a variety of international marketing and intellectual property services. For more information click here. are a group of international business consultants helping companies from Asia, Europe and Latin America export their products in to the US.

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