Anatomy of a Business Letter

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

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5. Closing Placerepparttar closing two spaces belowrepparttar 109588 last line ofrepparttar 109589 body. Use a standard closing such as Sincerely or Best regards. Capitalize onlyrepparttar 109590 first word, and followrepparttar 109591 closing with a comma. Four spaces below, type your full name, also aligned withrepparttar 109592 closing atrepparttar 109593 left margin. Finally, sign your name inrepparttar 109594 space betweenrepparttar 109595 closing expression and your typed name.

6. Additional Information Sometimes a business letter requires you to addrepparttar 109596 typist's initials, an enclosure notification, or a note that other people are receivingrepparttar 109597 same letter. Any of this information goes two spaces belowrepparttar 109598 last line of repparttar 109599 closing in a long letter, four spaces below in a very short letter.

The typist's initials followrepparttar 109600 writer's initials, separated by a slash. The writer's initials go in capital letters, whilerepparttar 109601 typist's are lowercase.

Example: LEA/lak or LEA/ald

Ifrepparttar 109602 writer andrepparttar 109603 typist arerepparttar 109604 same person, no initials are needed.

If you are sending material along withrepparttar 109605 letter, such as an invoice or report, indicate this with an enclosure notification. When you use this, you must refer torepparttar 109606 enclosures in your letter. Abbreviate or describerepparttar 109607 enclosure(s).

Examples: Enc. Encs. Enclosure: Report findings

Lastly, if you are sendingrepparttar 109608 same letter to more than one person, notify your recipients with a copy notation. This is abbreviated "cc:" and followed byrepparttar 109609 recipients' names.


cc: Linda Alexander Janna Bree Smith Emily Lane

7. Formatting. Finally, format your letter so it is easy to scan. Centerrepparttar 109610 letter onrepparttar 109611 page both vertically and horizontally so that plenty of white space surrounds your text. When using your company's letterhead, remember to format your margins insiderepparttar 109612 printed material.

If a letter is very short, consider double spacingrepparttar 109613 entire letter. Also, you may add spaces between paragraphs,repparttar 109614 salutation, etc., if it provides for a fuller appearance and enhancesrepparttar 109615 overall "look" ofrepparttar 109616 letter.

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Guess 'WHO' Can Stop Sp^am!

Written by Jerome Dsouza

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Of course, consideringrepparttar amount of daily sp^am one receives,repparttar 109587 delete/filter options will have to be used but where ever possible this alternative should be used too.

I believe these ideas will work if we can spreadrepparttar 109588 word far and fast and especially to reach sp^ammers themselves. The more sp^ammers know what is being done with their sp^am mail - besides deleting and filtering -repparttar 109589 less attractive willrepparttar 109590 sp^am option get.

So don't hesitate to send this on to your friends and spreadrepparttar 109591 word all overrepparttar 109592 internet neighborhood.

LET'S GET INVOLVED AND ENFORCE 'OUR' GROUND RULES... Let's Helprepparttar 109593 New-born Newbie and Genuine Networkers like OURSELVES...

Let's make 2003 largely 'spm-fhree' I mean sp^am-fr^ee... I mean spa^m fr*e... I mean sp*m f^ree... I mean...Oh, forget it!

Do include my resource box if you do so. Thanks!

p.s. Would it be justified to use a sp^ammer's resources to blast this email to millions? Why Not Indeed!

:) Just Jokin'

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