Analyzing Dreams - a beginners guide

Written by Kevin Sheldrake

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The trick is to look for repeated imagery - these are symbols your subconscious believes are truly important to you at this point in time. What symbol isrepparttar most significant or confusing to your waking mind? Make a note of it. You will by now have realized that it is not onlyrepparttar 122151 actual symbols that are important when interpreting dreams butrepparttar 122152 feelings and implications your conscious attaches to those symbols. Without both sides of that puzzle, you can't interpret dreams accurately.

Most people have several types of dream,repparttar 122153 most common probably beingrepparttar 122154 'anxiety' dream. On one level, this is your subconscious trying to let you know that it understands there is a problem and sympathises. On another level, if you can unpickrepparttar 122155 puzzling symbolism, you may find that your subconscious has actually supplied a solution torepparttar 122156 problem, and this is particularly true of recurring dreams. Something really important is being communicated - can you acceptrepparttar 122157 message and act on it? Because until you do so,repparttar 122158 dream will recur.

So can you learn how to interpret other people's dreams, given that a sound interpretation relies on much personal knowledge? Head over to and find out!

Kevin Sheldrake is resident dream expert at the free site for all your mystical questions.

Say Thank you to the Cow for the Steak on your Plate

Written by Robina Hearle

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Take a look atrepparttar vegetables inrepparttar 122150 supermarket. Donít they look wonderful? Have you ever wondered why it is thatrepparttar 122151 World Health Organisation keeps increasing our daily recommended input of fruit and vegetables? Well, it is because those beautiful vegetables have hardly any vitamins, minerals or life force energy. This means we have to eat more to get what we require in order to survive. We have lost our connection to and understanding ofrepparttar 122152 earth so much so that our farming methods just plunderrepparttar 122153 soil. Feedrepparttar 122154 soil, nurture it and rest it and you will get good crops with high vitamin and mineral content as well as life force energy. Say Thank-you!

Even better, connect withrepparttar 122155 earth yourself; grow some of your own vegetables (try containers if space is limited). Come back torepparttar 122156 being who is part of planet earth, part ofrepparttar 122157 tapestry of life integral torepparttar 122158 planet instead of trying to be separated. There is actually nothing lacking on this planet, it isrepparttar 122159 management and distribution systems that have gone awry, together with our own lack of connection.

There is abundance for all! We can create it in our lives by living an attitude of gratitude and beginningrepparttar 122160 realisation that we are not separate from anyone or anything.

Robina Hearle

Robina Hearle is a Flower Essence Therapist and Maker, Reiki Master and Chartered Physiotherapist. You can find her unique flower essences at

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