Anabolic Hormones - A Two-Edged Sword

Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

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The same thing would happen to both arms – to your whole body – if you had servants do everything for you as you reclined in an easy-chair. Then, if all of a sudden you had to get out ofrepparttar chair and run a mile or lift 200 pounds to survive, you wouldn’t make it. Your wasted and weak body could not rise torepparttar 149782 challenge.

Hormones are like a metabolic sling placed onrepparttar 149783 hormone producing glands—testicles, ovaries, adrenal, thyroid, pituitary, etc. They replacerepparttar 149784 hormones thatrepparttar 149785 glands normally produce. When this happens there is a negative feed-back:repparttar 149786 more hormones fromrepparttar 149787 outside that are introduced intorepparttar 149788 body,repparttar 149789 lessrepparttar 149790 glands do what they no longer need to – synthesize hormones. Sorepparttar 149791 metabolic “muscles” (glands) that create hormones atrophy. If all of a suddenrepparttar 149792 outside source of hormones is withdrawn, your weak and withered organs may then not haverepparttar 149793 strength to take uprepparttar 149794 task again and supply hormones. Since about every function inrepparttar 149795 body is hormone-influenced, and every hormone interacts with every other hormone in some way, catastrophe results. Is it any wonder that modern anabolic body builders are also racked with heart disease, cancer, immune disorders, digestive failure and metabolic disorders in their (early) later years? The use of anabolic hormones is most certainly a case of desire being a ruinous tenant of its landlord,repparttar 149796 body. Consider this also with regard to anabolics. A normal body weight of 170 lbs. can be changed to 250 lbs. of solid muscle. To get there, massive amounts of food have to be consumed. Yet digestive “muscle” is not being built to keep pace, Sorepparttar 149797 digestive tract and associated organs (liver, pancreas, gall bladder) suited for maintaining a 170 lb. body is forced to digest and assimilate extremely large amounts of food? The result is digestive exhaustion and resultant damage that can last a lifetime. Most of us suffer some digestive problems and intolerances as we age due in large part to eating abuses when we were young. Noterepparttar 149798 number of television commercials hawking stomach remedies. Body builders force feeding can exaggerate this damage leaving a ruined digestive system tolerant of little more than Maalox.. A huge number of high school kids are trying to “get big” with steroids. What an incredibly dangerous proposition for them. Parents, be aware that this is not innocuous. Ifrepparttar 149799 plea is that a little won’t hurt, particularly if they are “cycled” properly, don’t buy it. Ifrepparttar 149800 argument is that taking them isrepparttar 149801 only way to excel in a sport, then change sports. Insist.

For you adults who are toying withrepparttar 149802 idea of taking hormones for one reason or another, think long and hard. Readrepparttar 149803 contraindications and cautions onrepparttar 149804 drug insert sheets. Take heed. Find other ways to stimulate your body’s own natural ability to enhance or improve itself through exercise, lifestyle and nutrition. Don’t put your organs in slings and then expect long-term benefit. The piper will always be paid.

Dr. Wysong is author of seven books on health, nutrition, philosophy and origin of life. He is director of the non-profit Wysong Instute and author of the Wysong e-Health Newsletter (free on-line) now in its 18th year of continuous publication.

Medical Tourism - Cape Town

Written by James Johannisen

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A simple facelift in South Africa costs about R20 000 whereas in England orrepparttar USrepparttar 149746 same procedure will set a client back upwards of R80 000. As a result when patients are in town for one medical procedure they often just go ahead and get plastic surgery done, while no one back home isrepparttar 149747 wiser. What Mediscapes is successfully doing is offering a combined package of carefully selected top medical professionals for any medical request and combining it with visits to world-class tourists attractions. Mediscapes handlesrepparttar 149748 entire package for a client or patient - from findingrepparttar 149749 best medical care available, to making doctor’s, hospital ward and theatre bookings, as well as handling transport, hotel and travel itineraries. Contact: Deanne Coole Tel – 021 422 3932 Cell - 082 327 3333 E-mail:


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