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Written by Kerri Reeves

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Make sure you write down *every* keyword and/or phrase your spouse uses. Also pay close attention torepparttar web sites she/he clicks on fromrepparttar 128411 search results. This will give you an outside look at howrepparttar 128412 majority of your customers are going to find you.

After your spouse clicks on one ofrepparttar 128413 search results that she/he is interested in, ask them "Why?" What was it about that particular site that interested her/him? Take notes; this is good stuff!

Note: Of course not everyone is selling information on how to make money online. Some of you may be selling crafts that you made yourself, vitamins or weight loss products, long distance service, etc. No matter what your site wants from its visitors, you can still do this exercise. Just be sure that your spouse only has a vague idea of what she/he is searching for.

The next step in this exercise is to have your spouse conduct their searches again, only this time they should have a really good idea of exactly what it is they are looking for. Tell them to be specific in their searches.

Again, write downrepparttar 128414 keywords and/or phrases they use, what sites they visit fromrepparttar 128415 results and why.

Be sure to also write downrepparttar 128416 URL ofrepparttar 128417 web sites they visit. (This is your competition!) Next week, we are going to do a little undercover work. You will becomerepparttar 128418 ultimate internet spy!

Note: The reason I say to use your spouse or friends for this exercise, is that we, as marketers, tend to get so close to what we're doing, that it's hard to get back, outsiderepparttar 128419 box, as newbies. We know what it is our product does, and how it does it, but our customers don't! We need to get inside their heads and discover *their* idea of our product. This isrepparttar 128420 easiest way to do that.

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Where Are Search Engines Going? Paid Inclusion Trend Emerges

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Whenrepparttar goal is to indexrepparttar 128410 entire web and results are far less relevant and traffic less likely to result in sales torepparttar 128411 listed sites, how do you charge sites to be listed? Hmmmm. The search engines said, "We've been getting complaints about a couple of things from sites seeking listings, one that they submit and never get listed, and two that when they are listed it is only months later that they begin to benefit from delivered search engine traffic." AHA! An opportunity presents itself to charge money to someone for listings!

Bingo! Paid inclusion is launched at Inktomi and becomes an instant success with those who have been frustrated by slow listing times and especially with those that can't seem to be listed at all at important engines. Here is a way to get listed and get listed sooner, I'll pay for that! But how much? And are there any benefits aboverepparttar 128412 free submission to enticerepparttar 128413 reluctant web business into paying for what, until now has been free. We'll guarantee, not only that you'll be listed, but quickly, and to sweetenrepparttar 128414 pot, we'll recrawl your site on a weekly basis to guarantee fresh listings.

Now it's time for everyone to leap intorepparttar 128415 new model and begin more frequent crawls for preferred listees. Certainly this will lead even further towardrepparttar 128416 commercialization ofrepparttar 128417 web, which angers many but isrepparttar 128418 only solution to supportingrepparttar 128419 increasingly expensive proposistion of providing complex search to millions and indexing a dramatically larger web.

Time to innovate if you expect to attract those paid inclusion listings. At Fast AllTheWeb, they've come up with an intra- search facility that site owners with under a specified number of pages can install as a branded, hosted search for their own sites as an additional benefit. A hosted and branded site search will likely cost them very little more to implement for paid inclusion customers, while increasing revenue for Fast. As Fast is a partner torepparttar 128420 Lycos network, this paid inclusion not only comes with intrasearch for your site and regular site recrawls to keep search results fresh, but also gets listings intorepparttar 128421 Lycos network as well.

A further enhancement inrepparttar 128422 race to paid inclusion will be extra cost "partner" or "sponsor" links that turn up atrepparttar 128423 top ofrepparttar 128424 search results pages. This may affect some search partners differently than others as some now use GoTo paid listings as those "sponsor or partner" links. Certainly GoTo will fight to maintain current partners by making themselves more attractive to those search engines considering paid inclusion programs.

Inktomi hasrepparttar 128425 larger partner list to support their version of paid inclusion and is more attractive for distribution and visibility, but offers little inrepparttar 128426 way of "perks" forrepparttar 128427 value driven crowd. Altavista offers their own version of paid inclusion, dividingrepparttar 128428 program into two separate categories, one for small businesses and sites under 500 pages andrepparttar 128429 other forrepparttar 128430 big boys of ebusiness with more than 500 pages to index.

Pricing is just now being determined by many search engines makingrepparttar 128431 paid inclusion move, but it ranges anywhere from $39 per page to be listed up to yearly pricing models which come withrepparttar 128432 additional benefits, such asrepparttar 128433 intra-search option from Fast,

I recommend keeping an eye out for short term sign-up bonuses and perks asrepparttar 128434 paid inclusion model gains acceptance overrepparttar 128435 next 6 months. Just asrepparttar 128436 pay-per-click model of search took some time to gain traction, so too will paid inclusion.

Watch also for partnering changes inrepparttar 128437 near term as larger networks battle to gain or maintain market share. Some will be more agressive than others so bargains and benefits will no doubt emerge within 6 to 8 months to build customer and brand loyalty early inrepparttar 128438 race to paid inclusion dominance.

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