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Design your site as if it is a portal or search engine. Portals have dealt with huge volumes of traffic and have done their research. It'srepparttar cheap way to do market research.... my college professor once told me that if I were to open a store.. choose a location right next to a new McDonald's. In order forrepparttar 128066 McDonald's to be built a invest a serious amount of money for market research is spent.. how much traffic doesrepparttar 128067 street get.. how close is it to businesses (the people on their lunch break have very little time for lunch and have a tendency to eat fast food)

Trust me when I say that Yahoo or Altavista does their research. Their livelihood depends on how their visitor reacts to their site. They measure click through fromrepparttar 128068 main site to other areas.. they even measurerepparttar 128069 spacing andrepparttar 128070 fonts to make sure it appeals to their massive audience as well as design their site forrepparttar 128071 least amount of bandwidth traffic. They don't want to slow down their site. So their site is VERY efficient.


Ten Places You Must Submit Your Site

Written by Jim Daniels

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Now as a small business owner you cannot go around and start paying every search engine that wants a hundred bucks or more just forrepparttar privilege of listing your site (or just considering it!) So you have to concentrate your budget on justrepparttar 128065 search engines that can deliver serious website traffic. Those arerepparttar 128066 engines, or networks of engines withrepparttar 128067 most traffic themselves.

After researchingrepparttar 128068 field, I've narrowed this down to just three that are undoubtedly worthrepparttar 128069 price. They are...

8. Yahoo! Business Express

Currently $199 for non-adult sites, Yahoo! still hasrepparttar 128070 busiest directory by far and you'll get lots of traffic from a decent listing.

9. The Looksmart Network's Express Submit

Also $199, this network powers over 1/2 million websites including AltaVista, CNN, Excite, iWon, Microsoft Network, Netscape Netcenter, NetZero and WebCrawler.

10. Inktomi's Search/Submit service

At just $30 a year forrepparttar 128071 first URL and $15 for each additional, this is a cheaper solution torepparttar 128072 Looksmart Network submission. Inktomi powers searches through AOL, iWon, MSN andrepparttar 128073 Looksmart directory itself. The best part is thatrepparttar 128074 network updates every 48 hours so you get your listing in quickly.

OK, there you have it. A quick, cut torepparttar 128075 chase, search engine submission guide. Just be sure that before you submit your site to ANY search engine or network that your site is ready to be listed favorably. This means adding targeted keywords to your content, META tags and title as well as spell checking and browser checking your site. Once you are sure everything is set to go, visit those 10 URLs and submit your site!

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