An eBook Publisher's Dilemma: Should I Use PDF or Exe Format?

Written by Michael Southon

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(7) It's virtually impossible to transmit a virus through a PDF file - exe files are susceptible to virus transmission and can become corrupted during download.

(8) Finally, by using PDF you automatically expand your potential market because PDF files can be read on both a PC and a Mac (exe files can only be read on a PC). Over 8 percent ofrepparttar online population inrepparttar 108456 U.S. are currently Mac users ( - not a huge increase in your market, but nevertheless significant.

But exe files do have some advantages over PDF files, and perhapsrepparttar 108457 most important of these is price - most eBook compilers are a fraction ofrepparttar 108458 cost of Adobe Acrobat.

Another advantage of exe files over PDF isrepparttar 108459 rebranding feature. The following eBook compilers all have a built-in rebranding function:

If you use free eBooks as a viral marketing tool, rebranding isrepparttar 108460 key to success, because people are much more likely to promote your free eBook if they can customize it with their own affiliate links.

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What Comes First - The Cover or The eBook?

Written by Ovi Dogar

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You have to carefully considerrepparttar general nuance of color forrepparttar 108455 cover,repparttar 108456 main andrepparttar 108457 secondary fonts.

Here are a few general tips for you: 1. The colors tell a lot aboutrepparttar 108458 general subject ofrepparttar 108459 ebook so you must use them accordingly

2. Use a combination between red, blue, black and white

3. Yellow it's OK used sparingly in combination with black because it generatesrepparttar 108460 strongest contrast

4. Always use a strong font forrepparttar 108461 main title - Impact its fine ifrepparttar 108462 title is longer and Arial Black for shorter ones.

5. If your ebook is on a lighter subject you can toy around with different fonts but never use more than three different fonts forrepparttar 108463 same cover

6. The cover should contain: a.repparttar 108464 main title b. one teaser phrase or a good subtitle c.repparttar 108465 author name and eventuallyrepparttar 108466 URL ofrepparttar 108467 ebook (avoid using http:// and subdirectories) usually a simple domain name will do just fine.

And finally one more tip: always KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. Do not forget thatrepparttar 108468 cover will be a small image and if you fill it with lot of info, it will be unreadable.

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