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Written by R.P. van der Meij

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Lets sell your car for $1000 . When selling it on you pay $7.50 and it is listed for a min. of 30 days and max.60 days. Other sites are charging you $40 for 1 week.(cardealers can save a fortune this way) If you are selling your house on again you pay $7.50 for a min. of 30 days and max. 60 days . Other sites are charging you more, up to $150 . Now here is a fun part on , you can place your ad on top ofrepparttar list again for a small price. If someone is looking he will see YOUR house, car or what ever you are selling on top ofrepparttar 117043 list , (where you want to be if you are selling) when he is browsing. You can do that as much as you like with no restrictions. Thats how you sell quickly and easy. So you see there is another way of selling your (used) items onrepparttar 117044 net. Visitrepparttar 117045 site and try it. Duringrepparttar 117046 introduction week you can place every ad for free on

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Written by Kevin Purfield

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Online newsletters and online marketing has literally boomed! Large companies have been forced into and laying off workers. These highly skilled workers decided to open their own home businesses instead of risking another unemployment crisis! People soon found it more profitable and secure to work for themselves.

So, because online internet marketing has grown so vast - it is now necessary to narrow your market and advertise your products to a specific target-market. Back inrepparttar old days mail order basically consisted of marketing small gadgets, jewelry and recipe books. But now, internet marketing is one ofrepparttar 117042 fastest growing industries inrepparttar 117043 world! You can purchase anything from groceries to clothing to electronics to long-distance telephone services onrepparttar 117044 internet- including anything in-between.

Now, because of these wide variety of different items being purchased no business can survive unless they advertise torepparttar 117045 target-market of their specialized products. In other words _ you wouldn't be able to sell exotic chocolates and desserts to diabetics or software to people who don't own a computer. Regardless, if you are giving away your product free of charge - these groups would not be interested in it. So your advertising would be a waste of time.

Here's where online newsletters come in. Since it is much more importants to "target" your audience (rather than just simply marketing to everyone); you can effectively accomplish this goal by publishing an online newsletter.

Newsletters are different from other advertising vehicles because you normally only mail them to a subscription list. Subscribers can even pay you a certain amount, per year, to receive your newsletter. This means, you are paid UP FRONT but you must budget this money throughoutrepparttar 117046 year, or repparttar 117047 length ofrepparttar 117048 subscription.

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