An SEO Copywriting Makeover – Turning “Not” Into “Hot” Part 2 of 2

Written by Karon Thackston

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The original copy is here: The revised version (not formatted) can be viewed here:

As you’ll see, more emotion, more feeling, more ofrepparttar personal experience of having a home with a fireplace is revealed inrepparttar 108160 new version. It connects better thanrepparttar 108161 simple statement of “Imagine these gas logs in your home.”

Don’t Just Give Features… Give Benefits, Too and Makerepparttar 108162 Sale Before Sending Them torepparttar 108163 Dealer

The next section ofrepparttar 108164 copy has a two-fold purpose. One is to bolsterrepparttar 108165 features of these logs with associated benefits sorepparttar 108166 site visitors better understand what they’re getting. The second is to convince them that – once they visit their local retailers – they need to ask specifically for Eiklor Gas Logs.

The section withrepparttar 108167 bulleted list serves both purposes. By giving quick statements about bothrepparttar 108168 features and benefits of these logs, I’m givingrepparttar 108169 visitorsrepparttar 108170 opportunity to scan for what they need. I’m also quickly making points aboutrepparttar 108171 quality of these gas logs. Lastly, I’m answeringrepparttar 108172 ever-important question “What’s in it for me?”

The closing paragraph reiterates that Eiklor is considered one ofrepparttar 108173 best and thatrepparttar 108174 site visitors should go torepparttar 108175 local dealer and see these logs for themselves.

Overall,repparttar 108176 copy was greatly improved in both respects – search engine optimization and sales orientation. Nowrepparttar 108177 page is fully prepared to bring in new visitors and turn a profit from them.

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Do You "Do" Voices?

Written by Jessica Albon

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Use a resource. "Lots of people like, because it's online," David, a journalist, says. "But I prefer [the printed version of] The Yearbook because I can skim through it and something always catches my eye."

Ask someone else. For myself, I often find allrepparttar leads I turn up doing research lead to more leads. The trick is to end each interview with a request for another source. "Who knows almost as much about this topic as you do?" or "Who hasrepparttar 108159 worst argument for why you're wrong?" often work well. Make sure you're talking to people on both sides ofrepparttar 108160 issue so that your article will be well-balanced.

Quotes arerepparttar 108161 spice for your piece. The, as Marjorie said, "texture." They show you've done your research and that you're notrepparttar 108162 only one who feels a certain way. They also add visual interest. In fact, some readers only read articles with quotation marks in them. So go torepparttar 108163 trouble to find a few extra quotes. Your reader will appreciate it.

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