An "Outside The Box" Way To Get An Extra 108,160 Hits A Year

Written by Ronald Gibson

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You could offer web site awards for many reasons. The web site might o.ffer outstanding and original content. The design ofrepparttar web site could be very professional. It could have a fast load time. It could include original web features that aren't found on most web sites. The site may be easy to navigate through. The possibilities are almost endless.

Let's say you give out 20 web site awards a week. In a year that would be 1040 people linking to your web site. If you r.eceived just 2 hits a week from each link, that would be 104 hits a year from each award you have given. That equals an extra 108,160 hits to your web site a year!

If you are willing to spendrepparttar 150340 time and makerepparttar 150341 effort, giving out Website Awards can be a great way to get traffic to your site and boost its link popularity atrepparttar 150342 same time.

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Why a Newsletter Will Help Your Home Based Business

Written by Paul Jesse

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If you are confused or not quite sure how to get started, get a newsletter software program that will guide you throughrepparttar process as well as create a professional looking newsletter. When it comes to material, take a look at some ofrepparttar 150211 most popular newsletters n your field and see what makes them good and what makesrepparttar 150212 bad. From these, you will be able to takerepparttar 150213 formats that work and skiprepparttar 150214 ones that donít. Because, when it comes down to it, you want your newsletter to become very popular and direct more and more traffic to your site on a daily basis. This is important for your revenues because it has been proven that 70% of sales are made afterrepparttar 150215 third, fourth or fifth contact. If you are providing a good newsletter with plugs for your services and products, you will be sure to see a rise in traffic and purchases.

Also, when it comes to actually distributingrepparttar 150216 newsletter, you will want to have an automated subscribe and unsubscribe program. This will allow people to sign up or asked to be removed fromrepparttar 150217 newsletter and it will automatically happen. The last thing you want to do is spend your entire day adding and removing email addresses. This is a waste of time that is better used by you focusing on expanding your business.

Paul Jesse is a retired government employee and author of numerous home business articles. It you are interested in starting a Internet home business visit his site.

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