An Online Business, Do I or Don't I?

Written by Gary E Layton

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Above all else your theme must portray a professional aura and an earnest desire to produce customer satisfaction and enhance consumer trust in your business enterprise.

To this end you must always develop and put in place a customer service and relations system ready to go when you launch your products and service intorepparttar world of E-Commerce.

OK, we have a well designed and professional looking web site. We know that our products and services fill a need forrepparttar 117635 consumer. We have thought out and built a responsive customer service and relations system. Now What? Now we get down torepparttar 117636 nuts and bolts of promoting and advertising your business, products and services.

First, all available promotional and advertising media can and should be considered for use in getting your message out torepparttar 117637 consumer. The largest factor here isrepparttar 117638 costs involved and your ability to pay those costs.

I think we all understand thatrepparttar 117639 available media includes newspaper ads; dedicated print media such as The Nickel; trade magazines; flyers and other handouts; radio and television; and of courserepparttar 117640 online media such as Email, Web Sites; Banner Ads, Pop-Up Ads; Ezines; Newsletters andrepparttar 117641 like.

Knowing this and knowing how best to userepparttar 117642 media is a separate question. One that deserves careful consideration before jumping off in all directions at once.

In many cases, any online business you may join as an Affiliate has an advertising program pretty well laid out for you to follow and probably provides some basic tools to use in implementing your advertising program. This is fine, but if it were me I would like to be able to supplement this program through my own efforts and enhancerepparttar 117643 chance for success. There is no one better able to help you than yourself.

An important factor for consideration here isrepparttar 117644 time you have available to do allrepparttar 117645 good things we are talking about.

Most of us who become involved in an online business do so for one primary purpose and that is to supplement our income on a part-time basis. Notice I said part-time. This beingrepparttar 117646 case any business activity we engage in must be designed to work on a part-time basis.

We will just not haverepparttar 117647 time available it takes to run a business that takes more than four hours a day. This beingrepparttar 117648 case we better find techniques and methods which allow us to accomplish things without a lot of time being involved.

Because we are working on a limited time and money budget we must carefully selectrepparttar 117649 media we choose to use in presenting our ad copy torepparttar 117650 consumer. There exists onrepparttar 117651 net now plenty of good advice to help you choose a media. Just don't go hog wild. Select a couple of media. Select your ad copy and get it out torepparttar 117652 world.

All of us can learn how to write and place effective promotional and advertising ad copy. There is enough free information onrepparttar 117653 Internet to make sure of that. What we will not haverepparttar 117654 time to do effectively, is build a system to accurately record and providerepparttar 117655 data we need to assurerepparttar 117656 effectiveness of our promotional and advertising efforts. Beside that, not many of us haverepparttar 117657 technical expertise to develop such systems.

Such Ad Tracking systems do exist and you must find them, assess their capabilities to meet your needs. Both fromrepparttar 117658 required data aspects and your ability to afford them.

An efficient and accurate Ad Tracker is absolutely essential to your online success and will save you time and money. So take my advice, check them out.

Ad Trackers are a tool which can go a long way in helping to answerrepparttar 117659 question 'An Online Business - Do or Don't I

Gary Layton is co-owner of By providing their users the ability to measure and track results connected to a specific ad or advertising media, PathTrax is helping small businesses expand the profits in their bottom line. PathTrax delivers flexible tracking URL's to track Who, Where, When, How Many? All for only pennies per day.,3

The Four Greatest Fears of Starting Your Own Business

Written by Leonard W. Clements

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If you are considering starting your own business, and you've got access to, let's say, $50,000 in start up funds (a very modest assumption), imagine how profitable you could be, and how quickly, if you didn't have to hire employees, you didn't have to lease an office and/or store front and/or warehouse, you didn't have to pay sales or payroll taxes, you didn't have to spend one penny on R&D, graphics design, or development of promotional material, and you didn't have to hire an accountant, lawyer, or business consultant.

And, imagine how much more money might go into your pocket if you didn't need business partners to help you finance and run repparttar business. Think about it, and try not to become giddy.

Now forrepparttar 117634 really fun part.

Imagine buying a McDonald's franchise forrepparttar 117635 modest sum of one million dollars. The business fails. You call up McDonald's corporate and ask for a "Return Authorization Number" so you can get your franchise fee back along with a reimbursement check for your unsold supplies and stock.

While imagining this scene, also imaginerepparttar 117636 sound of sirens wailing inrepparttar 117637 background. That would either berepparttar 117638 paramedics coming to assistrepparttar 117639 poor corporate officer who you've just induced into a fit of hysterics, or an ambulance coming to take you to a really nice, soft room.

In network marketing, not only is this not an absurd scenario, it'srepparttar 117640 law! One ofrepparttar 117641 aspects of a legitimate, legal network marketing company isrepparttar 117642 ability of a failed distributor to get a full refund (usually less a 10% restocking and processing fee) on all product and marketing material that is in resalable condition. So, if pursued conservatively and intelligently, there is a monumental reduction in risk relative to conventional business start ups, yet with a comparable or even greater profit opportunity.

Those of you who are already actively involved in network marketing, be aware thatrepparttar 117643 vast majority of your "outer circle" prospects (those who've never been involved in network marketing) do have at leastrepparttar 117644 desire to own their own business, as opposed to working for someone else.

You don't have to talk them intorepparttar 117645 benefits of something they're already dreaming about having. But, they also have some very powerful, legitimate fears about starting their own business. You've first got to open their mind torepparttar 117646 idea that there is still a realistic way to achieve that dream, and then define, or perhaps defend,repparttar 117647 concept of network marketing (gratuitous plug: my "Case Closed" cassette tape is designed to accomplish both of these steps for you). Only then should you introduce repparttar 117648 benefits of your particular network marketing program.

Think of it like this: before you can pour fresh, hot coffee into a thermos, you must first open it, then pourrepparttar 117649 old, stale coffee out, right? Think of your business-phobic prospect as a sealed thermos full of cold coffee.

Now, if you are considering starting your own business, or you want to but have always been apprehensive, open your own mind to network marketing.

Think it's too good to be true?

I challenge you - findrepparttar 117650 catch! If you've never pursued a network marketing venture it must be for one of two reasons: you just didn't know about it, or you have a prejudice against it. And that's exactly what it is, a prejudice. You have prejudged this business based on what someone else has told you about it (usually someone who has failed at it, or who has also never been involved themselves).

In other words, you've chosen to adopt someone else's opinion of this business. Don't let other people do your thinking for you. Make your own decision based on your own evaluation.

Check this business out. Really do your due-diligence. And when you are done, I would defy anyone, evenrepparttar 117651 most devout skeptic, to not experience a significant paradigm shift. I dare you to look and not be intrigued!

Leonard Clements has concentrated his full-time efforts over repparttar 117652 last 10 years on researching and analyzing all aspects of Network Marketing. He is a professional speaker and trainer, and currently conducts Inside Network Marketing seminars throughoutrepparttar 117653 U.S., Canada and Mexico. He is alsorepparttar 117654 publisher and editor of MarketWave Alert Letter, an analysis and "watchdog" newsletter focusing onrepparttar 117655 MLM industry. Mr. Clements isrepparttar 117656 author ofrepparttar 117657 controversial book Inside Network Marketing. Len is alsorepparttar 117658 author ofrepparttar 117659 best selling cassette tape Case Closed! The Whole Truth About Network Marketing. Mr. Clements has also been actively involved inrepparttar 117660 MLM industry for fourteen years.

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